Food Timing MATTERS.

September 27, 2021
Food choices are deeply important, yes. Also important is food TIMING. When we eat can affect our health, weight and energy. Let's explore.

Food choices are incredibly important—Food Sass® all the way, baby!—and food TIMING is an important consideration, too. Enter intermittent fasting. Let’s explore a food timing PROGRAM, and then some food timing TIPS.


A Food Timing Program


Intermittent Fasting Program – Registration is CLOSING

The autumn 2021 running of the 28-day group intermittent fasting program, 28toGreat™, begins on Saturday, Oct 2; registration closes THIS WED, SEP 29. Which means that you have less than 48 hours to get yo’self registered for this powerful and fun program.

28toGreat™ is four fabulous weeks of programming and guidance around food TIMING and CHOICES, with a deep education about WHY the timing and choices matter. This program includes full support via an eGuidebook, eRecipebook, daily emails for 28 days, weekly evening Zoom meetings, and a private Facebook forum.  

Why intermittent fasting?

This program guides you in creating a 16:8 (fast for 16 hours of the day and eat during an 8-hour window) intermittent fasting lifestyle for long term health improvement and weight loss. The top 5 benefits of 16:8 IF are:

  1. Balance insulin and blood sugar
  2. Lose belly fat
  3. Boost energy and metabolism
  4. Reduce inflammation
  5. Ignite cellular regeneration

This isn’t simply my personal experience, or even the experience of all of the participants who have done this program in the past (although I/they DID experience all of that awesomeness). A growing body of research, including notables like Harvard and New England Journal of Medicine, supports the list above, as well.

Once we understand how meal timing, food choices and insulin are connected, we are empowered to eat for health AND enjoyment. Wine, cheese & crackers have a place in this program, because it’s designed to become a LIFESTYLE. Not a rigid deprivation diet that you go on, and then go off (and feel lousy…and discouraged…again).

What do participants say?

Participants are thrilled with their program experience, not only about how they feel, and about their progress toward their health goals, but about the learning and support they experience during the program. Two prior participants share their experience:

“I’m a busy mom/wife with a full-time job, so I really appreciated how well-organized and flexible this program is. Laurie has a wonderful way with words and her explanations of the science behind health and weight loss are so easy to connect with. I appreciated the no-guilt messaging throughout all aspects of the program, am really loving the health improvements from 28toGreat, and will continue on for the forseeable future.”

“The 28toGreat program was incredibly effective for me—not only for the 4 weeks, but a year later it’s still my food lifestyle. I lost weight I hadn’t been able to lose (and have kept it off), and I continue to be mindful of what and when I eat. The program is so well thought out and Laurie is an extraordinary coach. She sets you up for success, is realistic, and her 80/20 no-judgement approach gives you the guidance and mindset to succeed!”  

The 28toGreat™ Group Program moves you toward your goals, while deeply educating you for sustainable health and well-being. And I’m delighted to be your guide, for only $6.68 a day!

Registration closes on Wed 9/29. REGISTER NOW so you don’t miss out!


Some Food Timing Tips 


If you decide not to join in the program fun (I can’t imagine why on earth that would be, but it’s possible), here are 5 food timing tips that can improve your health and support body fat loss:

  1. Start your day with a meal that includes fats and protein. Starting the day with nutrient-dense, satiating foods help us avoid that mid-afternoon slump where we feel tired and are craving empty carbs.
  2. If you’re going to consume empty carbs, eat them prior to 3pm. This includes sweets, soda, pasta, bread, muffins, crackers, chips and the like.

  3. Fruit is also best eaten prior to 3pm. Even though fruit is loaded with nutrient and phytochemical goodness, it also contains varying amounts of fructose, which is sugar.


  4. If your typical eating window is more than 8 hours, shrink it. If you normally eat breakfast at 7am and finish your last TV snack at 10pm, maybe start with shaving an hour from each end.


  5. This is technically a beverage tip: If you consume caffeine, do it before 11am. Caffeine is a drug with a particularly long half-life (6 hours after it’s consumed, half of it is still in your body!), and can remain in your system for up to 10 hours. And caffeine can impede our ability to get the restful sleep we need to be healthy, feel alert & energetic, lose weight, and have strong immunity. And that’s the short list.

Timing matters! This doesn’t mean we need to get all rigid and unforgiving around fabulous food; it simply means that we know the deal and honor it in a way that feels do-able for us.

There’s so much to learn about food and health. One piece of feedback I hear over and over again in 28toGreat™ post-program surveys: Participants’ understanding of, and relationship to, their health journey increases dramatically during 28toGreat™. And we have FUN doing it! REGISTER TODAY and join us.


Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love and savvy timing,


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