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Empowered: Wise Middle-Aged Ninja Program

What is middle age? For women, it’s a span of 30+ years that includes, but isn’t limited to, the 10-15 years of official biological menopause. While menopause and all its symptoms can feel challenging, study after study shows that menopause is not the most challenging aspect of the female mid-life journey. So what IS so hard about middle age?

Women identify the most challenging aspects of midlife as:

* changing family/marital relationships *
* re-balancing work/personal life *
* re-discovering self *
* securing enough resources *
* coping with multiple co-occurring stressors *
* re-defining beauty and worth in a youth-obsessed culture *
* weight gain and fat redistribution *
* health shifts from an imbalanced web of hormones *
* health issues for self and loved ones *
* the co-existence of ALL of the above and resulting stress *

Phew! That’s a lot for one little ole person to navigate on her own. The segment between younger and older adulthood—midlife—has been described as a time of biological, social, psychological, relational, and spiritual transition in women’s lives. The transition feels continual and leaves many women feeling lost, exhausted and alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And no longer will be.

I’ve created the program that I, and hundreds of my clients, wished existed. Join the group coaching program that supports the complexity and fullness of your mid-life journey: body, mind and spirit.

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Empowered: Wise Middle-Aged Ninja Program

A Woman's Midlife Journey

Midlife is about so much more than menopause. Let’s get real about this exquisite time in a woman’s life, and how you can navigate it like a NINJA.

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