Eating out vs. your health: find the sweet spot

April 22, 2019
When we're intentionally working to create health, eating out can seem daunting - impossible, even. Here are 5 tips that can help you navigate eating out.

This time of the year, I’m always just craving the sun on my skin. In New England, we tend to get a lot of rain in the spring, which kindof stands in the way of the warmth and vitamin-D-boosting that my body and mind are yearning for. (Can you tell it’s raining today, as I write this?) I’m certainly grateful for the rain. I know the plants and animals need the rain, so I’m going to put in my order – with whomever is in charge – for alternating sun/rain days. I’ll let you know how that goes 😉

On this rainy day, I got to spend time guiding a few of my Transformation Coaching clients, which I LOVE doing. One of the topics that invariably comes up on these calls is EATING OUT. How do we experience the fun and ease of eating out, while still moving toward the most healthy version of ourselves?

The truth is that eating out is a bit of a minefield for the health-conscious, and definitely challenging for those who are looking to shed some excess fat. A restaurant is a business and they want their expenses (like the food they purchase) low and their income (like the prices they charge) high, like any business. Empty carbs and deep-fried foods are low-cost from both a purchasing and prep standpoint, and these foods are not bringing you closer to the weight and health that you desire. The good news is, today I’m sharing my….

Top 5 Easy Fixes to Eat Healthier in Restaurants

  1. Try ordering two appetizers instead of an appetizer and a dinner. Much less food, and still plenty of variety.
  2. Ask for your salad dressing on the side, or simply ask for olive oil and vinegar/lemon. There are a lot of calories and un-friendly oils in those dressings, so it’s best if you control portion size.
  3. Order a salad or some side veggies and eat those, along with any animal protein you order, first. Eat the mashed potatoes, pasta, pizza, bread, and rice last. This way you don’t fill up on empty (aka: weight-gaining) empty carbs.
  4. Whenever possible, steer clear of deep-friend foods. I ordered some baked potato skins the other day (which aren’t exactly a health food to start with), and after the first bite, realized they were deep-fried and not baked. Deep-fried foods are one of the worst foods we can eat. If you’re craving a deep-fried dish, order it as a small appetizer and share with someone.
  5. If you decide to order dessert, split it with one or two other people, OR ask for two plates. Then, cut the dessert in half and send the other half back to the kitchen as waste or get it boxed – before you start eating.

Eating out in a more healthy way IS possible, if you’re willing to do things a bit differently, and to ask for what you want. And each small choice in favor of YOUR health adds up over time to big positive outcomes.

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With love & restaurant fun,


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