Do you plan to fail?

July 18, 2017
If you want better health, less fat, more energy (anything, really)...hope is not a plan. Learn some foundational tactics in how to get some traction in creating your vibrant health.

Welcome to July 18, 2017. Today is an amazing day because you?re here, on this gorgeous planet, living and breathing and finding your way. Bravo and hurray!

Last week, I spent a day at one of my corporate clients, WinterWyman. I LOVE having the opportunity to work with this splendiferous company. Great people, great culture, and a positive, ?can-do? attitude prevails. And, since I?ve been working with them on their wellness initiative for well over five years, it feels like ?old home week? every time I?m there. I also get the opportunity, outside of lectures and one-to-one appointments with employees, to connect with folks ad-hoc in the kitchen and in the halls. To answer their questions, provide insight on their challenges, and share their successes & joys. FUN, and incredibly rewarding. Why am I telling you all of this?

Summer is typically a quiet time for me from a coaching and corporate work perspective. Folks are on vacation and/or are eating hot dogs & ice cream and drinking beer and would really rather not talk to me about food 😉
This summer has been a bit different, thus far. For some reason, there is more engagement this summer. Even many folks signing up for a summer solo Cleanse! (Note: next Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program is Sep 9-29. I?ve been asked that a lot lately, so save the date!)
And, one of the consistent themes that came up last week at WinterWyman, and with all of my recent coaching and Cleanse clients, is this:

?I know that I need & want to make better choices. Intellectually I get it. But I don?t know what, and I don?t know HOW!?

Indeed! One of the most important things that I task myself with, in ALL of my work, is helping folks address the what, the why, and the HOW. Today I want to share with you one important basic tip:

?Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.? ~ Winston Churchill

Yes, as I?m sure you?ve heard, and experienced, hope is not a plan. Talking about wanting change is also not a plan. Habits and tactics are part of a plan. And, the great news is, a little planning goes a long way. Two foundational planning pillars in creating a Food Sass? lifestyle for yourself is to shop for food that supports your health goals, and then to spend a focused block of time making sure you have your staples easily available. This looks different for different people, but as an example, here?s?

LW?s Top 7 Savvy Planning Moves:

  1. Cook up a batch of quinoa and keep it in the fridge, with a paper towel to absorb moisture, to use all week. Great on it?s own, or mixed with raw veggies and chopped herbs, or sprinkled on a salad, or incorporated into a stir-fry.
  2. Bake some sweet potatoes for eating and shake-making.
  3. Stock up on avocados. Great on eggs, in a salad, mixed with chicken, or eaten right out of the peel with salt!
  4. Bake a batch of chicken thighs or breasts to have cold in the fridge. Ready for salads, stir-fries, or just eating.
  5. Cut carrots, bell peppers, celery into sticks and put them in snack bags for easy grabbing.
  6. Hard-boil some eggs. Two of these and a bag of veggie sticks from the item above make a healthy, yummy breakfast with zero prep. Great as egg salad or chopped on salads, too.
  7. Make a double-batch of a shake like THIS ONE, separate into glass jars, filled to the top and tightly capped, and they?ll keep for 3 days.

This takes about 60-90 minutes on a Sunday and makes the rest of the week soooooo much easier, yummier, and healthier. It?s not enough to want something (better health, heal from X health issue, lose weight, etc). We have to plan for our own success. This isn?t ?lose 20 pounds of belly fat in 20 days;? this is ?commit to yourself, create habits, build a new relationship with food?and show up for yourself, the majority of the time.? It?s a lifestyle, not a diet.

Need help? There?s a reason why people hire business coaches, sports coaches, and personal trainers: The education and accountability really help move the needle! I work with folks in 3, 4 or 6-month coaching relationships and two Transformation Coaching slots have recently opened up. Give me a shout if you want more details!

In the meantime, I invite you to love yourself up and create your own Food Sass? Planning Mojo, using the tips in this love note. 🙂
YOU are most certainly worth your own time investment. As always, please remember to be kind to yourself. You?re just a human bean, evolving and learning over your lifetime, and perfection is a myth.

With love & planning mojo,


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