Complimentary Discovery Call

Speaking to a multi-expertise health professional can make all the difference in your ability to GET HEALTHIER and FEEL BETTER.

A twenty-minute phone call will:

  1. Explore your main health and well-being challenges
  2. Provide insight on those challenges
  3. Uncover practitioner-client fit

Our typical avenues for improving well-being are often disappointing. People invest time, money and their hopes in “solutions” that simply don’t deliver. This can all be avoided with a paradigm shift around HOW the human body-mind-spirit heals and evolves.

This Discovery Call (about 20 minutes) gives you the opportunity to share your health and well-being challenges, and gives me the opportunity to share some high-level insights on those challenges. It also provides us both with a view into potential client-practitioner fit.

Regardless of the direction you decide to take, you will leave this call with information that will serve your overall health journey. 

The low-down:

  1. Complete the form on the right and click the Schedule button.
  2. Schedule your call. You will be redirected to a scheduling page to book a time for your call.
  3. Prepare for your Discovery Call using the information in the Scheduling Portal.

It’s really that simple!