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April 29, 2020
This 28-day program will provide you with a powerful re-set, yes. It will support your immunity during these Wild World times. It also has an eye on a New Normal—day 29 and beyond—of sustainable health improvement and weight loss. Ready?

I hereby invite you to take part in an easy AND powerful new program offering:

28toGreat: A Food Sass® Journey into Intermittent Fasting

Registration opens: TODAY! April 29th, 2020

Registration closes: Wed, May 13 at 12pm EDT

Program dates: Fri, May 15 – Thu, June 11

This 28-day journey that combines Food Sass® with intermittent fasting comes at the perfect time, and is priced to make your decision easy, during these challenging times. Pretty easy to get excited about all of THAT, eh?

I’ve been waiting for a good time to launch this program, and now seems like that time. This 28-day program will provide you with a powerful re-set, yes. It will support your immunity during these Wild World times. It also has an eye on a New Normal—day 29 and beyond—of sustainable health improvement and weight loss via health-building foods (80% of the time) alongside a change in the timing of eating.


What Intermittent Fasting Can Do For You

Significant evidence has been reported—including research studies from the New England Journal of Medicine and Harvard Medical School—that IF has broad-spectrum benefits for improving or avoiding many health issues:

  • Weight gain
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Cancers
  • Neurologic disorders

The research also points to a longer, healthier life with more energy, vitality and mental focus. The truth is, we are overfed and undernourished. This program brings us back to fed-enough and well-nourished. You can learn the details and register on my website.


Included in the 28toGreat Intermittent Fasting program

  • 28toGreat eGuidebook
  • Copious Food Sass® recipes in your 56-page eRecipebook
  • Daily program emails with guidance, support and recipes
  • Insider info on packaged Food Sass® (read: no prep)
  • Weekly Zoom group video meeting (optional)
  • My clinical guidance
  • Support for your empowered well-being, BodyMindSpirit 

Fine print: This particular group program is not intended for folks who: have advanced diabetes; are on diabetes medication; have a history of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia; or are women who are pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, or are breast-feeding. Although IF can actually be great for healing type 2 diabetes, I recommend doing 28toGreat in a 1:1 relationship with me so that we can carefully monitor blood sugar levels and your safe journey to a healthier you. Okay, back to this group program announcement.


Okay, How Do I Register?

Many, many folks have asked me about IF over the years and most were really wanting to feel safe and supported by a trusted source during their journey. So we did that individually. Now, during the COVID-19 muck, it’s a fabulous time to tap into group energy and support for BETTER HEALTH. And here’s my big gift, during this time of uncertainty around the uncertainty in our economy…and therefore personal finances.


Your program investment is only $147.

And you can register right HERE.


You read that right. As in—the whole 28 days, and all of that curriculum and support, is yours for less than $6 a day! And the education, inspiration and empowerment can last a lifetime. For those who want more than a month of support, there will be an opt-in to continue weekly Zoom calls for one or two months post-program, for a similarly tiny fee.


Final Thoughts on 28toGreat

This program now joins my suite of program offerings, so this isn’t your only chance to partake, but it will be more of an investment after this initial COVID-19 voyage. For this round, I know folks are struggling, and I am determined to meet you where you are, financially, in support of your health and well-being. Hence, the $147.

Let’s do this. Click HERE to learn more and register. 28toGreat is ON DECK and ready to support your BodyMindSpirit in evolving toward a healthier, more joyful version of itself. Any discussion or program about health improvement and empowered well-being simply must involve your whole person. Mindset will most certainly be part of this 28toGreat group program! And don’t be shy; share this post with all your friends and family—they deserve to feel supported in creating vibrant health, too.

Pretty darn excited but have a few burning questions? You can register for a Q&A Zoom conference call at 6:30pm EST on Thursday, April 30th (tomorrow night) by emailing


More Support During Challenging Times

Wanting some support during these unusual and difficult times, but not interested in 28toGreat? I got you covered!

I received an email from my book editor a few weeks ago that said, “I have a new subtitle idea for Wild World, Joyful Heart => ‘The Book We Need Now More Than Ever.'” In some prescient way unKnown to me, the book I wrote from 2016-2019 and published in October 2019 is EXACTLY the book to support humanity right now in 2020.

Wild World, Joyful Heart: Unlock Your Power to Create Health and Joy is available in all forms (physical book, ebook, audiobook) and in all places. Order the gift for yourself or a loved one that will keep on giving during this year of challenge and unrest—and on through your lifetime.

In love and support,


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