The Vibrant NEW YOU Retreat

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

A total wellness retreat designed for private and corporate groups.

Why invest in your group’s health?

Kick the stress cycle to the curb.

Stress is not something that happens TO us. Stress is a self-created experience of mind and is significantly eroding your health— every day that it goes unchecked.

Imbalances in stress hormones contribute to weight gain, exhaustion, and disease.

This retreat experience & curriculum will educate you on the roots of stress, how stress affects your health, and delivers my time-proven Mind Savvy® solutions to you, in do-able chunks.

End your negative relationship with your weight.

Weight struggle is more complex than our culture makes it out to be. This is why our overweight and obesity rate continues to skyrocket.

This weekend education is both curriculum-based and experiential-based. You will learn how food choices and timing affect your weight, and you will learn real-life tactics and tools to incorporate what you learn into your busy life.

Every meal served during Retreat is 100% Food Sass®, which builds health, energy and joy. Choices and preparation are discussed during meals.

Create the health and joy that you crave.

Just like it is impossible to fly a plane without pilot training, it is nearly impossible to Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit® without education about food, the body, and the mind.

Your retreat experience will provide you with the training you need to create the health and joy you desire.

Your self-care weekend will educate, inspire, and empower you to take care of your greatest asset:
your BodyMindSpirt® health and well-being.

Instead of continuing on the path of frustration,
let’s gather your group together and map a do-able path for your journey toward better health.

Group focus is magical in supporting personal goals.

I have led many retreat groups toward collective—and individual—education and empowerment. Learning the Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit® in collaboration with your peers offers unparalleled support both during the retreat, and in the days and years that follow. Group collaboration is powerful.

Engage in a proven framework for embracing your Health Journey, and create meaningful, lasting shifts in body, mind and spirit evolution.

LW-Avatar-TrinityHi, I’m Laurie Warren.

My passion and joy is to help others create the weight, health and life experience that they crave.

Like many people, I have had my share of mid-life health challenges. I struggled with health issues that mainstream medicine couldn’t help me with. I was on a seemingly never-ending cycle with my weight, was more tired than I thought I should be and had a nagging dissatisfaction with my life. Many conversations that I had, and everything I heard in the media, told me that the vast majority of us feel the same.

I found myself wondering “Is this what growing older looks like? Why are so many people sick, overweight and unhappy? Is this as good as it gets?” This prompted decades of deep education, research, and inquiry that brought about profound changes in my weight, health and joy. I feel better in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s.

I’ve taken everything that I’ve synthesized—and that I continue to learn—and have woven it into my Create Vibrant Health programs. These programs have helped countless others create Health & Joy turn-arounds, as well. Whether I’m working with an individual with chronic health issues, or speaking to a large group about empowered well-being, people are educated and supported in creating the change they deeply desire.

My passion and joy is YOUR health and happiness.

Here’s what I Know:

Permanent weight loss is not about denial, restriction, or calorie-counting.

The 7.6+ billion dollar diet industry is actually making us MORE overweight. There’s an 83% chance you’ll weigh more after your diet than before.

Unmanaged stress is a major factor in weight-gain, sleep loss, disease and unhappiness in our lives.

This MUST be addressed as part of your quest for better health and more joy.
Our choices and thoughts are almost entirely run by habit.

If we don’t address our habits and habitual thinking, our best intentions will never last more than a few weeks.

Are you exhausted? Overweight? Stressed-out? Confused about nutrition and health advice?
It doesn’t have to be this way.

I invite your group to book a 2-day transformational experience for your collective weight, health, and love of life.

You will Learn

  • How unmanaged stress contributes to your issues with weight, health, and joy—and how to turn the tide
  • The how, when, and what around eating for healthy weight and vibrant health
  • Time-proven Food Sass® tools and tactics that will improve your ability to eat well, within the structure of your full life
  • How to employ Mind Savvy® practices to create the life experience that you crave
Your game-changing Retreat experience includes:
  • A rich curriculum on health-building food choices, eating habits, weight management, stress abatement, and joy-creation taught by Laurie Warren, MSN
  • Tools and tactics to help you create foundational, lasting change for health and joy
  • Daily guided meditation
  • Gentle morning yoga led by a certified yoga instructor
  • Delicious and nutrient-dense Food Sass® meals, served and discussed
  • Two+ hours of scheduled down-time each day to reflect, relax, and re-charge
  • Your own copy of I Create MY Vibrant Health, containing curriculum materials and everything you learn and discover during our retreat experience
  • An optional segment designed for corporate groups, which provides highly effective tools for mental focus, productivity, and creative idea generation
Cathy’s Transformation

This retreat was more than I imagined, and my expectations were high! My nutritional understanding was brought to a whole new level, as I was guided toward more awareness and mindfulness around food choices—to optimize my health vs. just eating because I’m hungry.

Laurie’s teachings allowed me, for the first time, to truly understand the importance of holistically taking care of my mind, body and soul. A shift in my diet to mostly whole unprocessed foods is important and foundational, but if I don’t manage my stress, get enough sleep and shift my mindset towards thinking more positively and with appreciation, I might as well eat Doritos for breakfast.

I truly cannot say enough good things about this retreat. The venue was spectacular and each and every meal served was amazingly delicious and nutritious; and that, in and of itself, was an wonderful education. Thank you Laurie, for sharing your knowledge, and for giving me the toolkit to maximize my health and well-being!


Retreat Participant

“Laurie has the expertise to guide you on what your body needs, the wisdom to serve your mind, and the presence to serve your soul. Laurie IS soul food.” ~ Wendy

The Vibrant NEW YOU Retreat will serve your group participants in more ways than you can imagine. This retreat offers experiential learning combined with focused education, all within the foundation of a supportive, relaxed space. The carefully created BodyMindSpirit curriculum interwoven with free time allows for the important landing of ideas and ah-ha moments. I’m so excited to share this curriculum, rejuvenation, and weekend experience with you!

With love,

Are you ready to find out what’s possible for YOU, and for your group?

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