Wellness Experience 360°™

Wellness Experience 360°™ is a holistic wellness program that creates positive Employee Engagement within your company to best attract, develop, and retain top talent. My dozen years in leadership positions in high-tech companies, combined with decades of education, research, and whole-person wellness coaching has culminated in programming with both impact and sustainability.

My work with individuals and groups over the years has uncovered an important fact about building and sustaining team excellence:

We – both individuals and groups – reach our potential not through quantitative increases in activity, but instead through qualitative differentiation: changes in technique, habit, discipline, and attitude. The result is empowered well-being.

COVID-19 Health Evolution Program

The rapid COVID-19-fueled evolution of our organizations and workplaces is entering a new phase, including return-to-work, and organizational success depends on evolving around key priorities. Every business is now a health business. Employee health and well-being—physical health, mental health, emotional health and relational health—must be a top priority. And rest assured: This directly fuels your organization’s productivity, creativity, collaboration and innovation.

DOWNLOAD the COVID-19 Return-to-Work and Employee Well-Being Action Plan
Your employees are looking to you for advice, guidance and care as they navigate the fears and uncertainties of a return-to-work transition. Are you ready to meet that challenge, and offer them health-supportive structure and guidance that is part of their health ecosystem?

Our COVID-19 Health Evolution Program, and related consulting, is a key factor in the process that any HR professional is working through with respect to physical return-to-work planning. Together, we can actively manage a safe, effective and supportive workforce health evolution program.

This program focuses on the four interlocking, powerful and positive influences
on employee health, and on organizational success


Phyical Health and Immunity

The desire for health is universal. Immunity arises from foundational health. Building health goes beyond common nomenclature of what to eat. Mindset, food, exercise, hydration, sleep, habits, and behavior change are key aspects of sustainable health.


Mental & Emotional Health

Our mind is continuously either the bridge or the barrier to our well-being. Our emotions are best used as a GPS system to navigate life. Becoming empowered in the right use of mind and emotions is game-changing.


Relational Health

Life is about relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, our experience and our environment. Work life, home life and mental/emotional health are all supported by practicing the tenets for mindful relating.



A healthy self-care approach to well-being is the engine that runs vehicle. All aspects of health require attention, commitment and learning to support whole-person well-being. Employee and employer both benefit from stewardship of self-care.

The COVID-19 Health Evolution Program includes:

  • Co-facilitate virtual HR Discovery Session to align the program with your culture
  • Co-create consistent health communication strategy as your organization returns to work
  • Online employee training before, during and after return-to-work. Focus will be foundational education and empowerment, with opportunities for live Q&A
  • Your Health eGuidebook—customized to your company if necessary, based on co-facilitated Discovery Session
  • A Four Cornerstones of Health QuickStart eGuide

We look forward to collaborating with your organization, positively evolving your culture in a critical time of need.
We invite you to reach out to us at Laurie@LaurieWarren.com.

Wellness Experience 360°™
Benefits and Bottom Line

Recent research and trends show that employee engagement and satisfaction levels must be a priority for companies to remain competitive in today’s market. One wellness solution does not work for all; your needs are as unique as your business, and its goals. This is why the Wellness Experience 360° program is implemented in your company following an important Discovery & Needs Assessment process to ensure we create alignment between company goals and wellness programming.

These profound impacts are realized because a wellness-focused culture serves everyone, from the corporate bottom line to executive teams to individuals and their families. I’m the expert in wellness, and you’re the expert in your company’s unique needs – together, we make a powerful team. I look forward to working together toward your organization’s workforce wellness and strategic vision—toward creating YOUR company’s Wellness Experience 360°—together.

The benefits to your employees:

Up-level physical health

Improve stress resilience

Support focused, creative thinking

Develop Emotional Intelligence/EQ

Utilize an effective communication framework

Share a common wellness language

Develop a powerful wellness culture

The resulting bottom line for your company includes:

A healthier workforce

Reduced sick time

Improved productivity

Reduced turnover

A positive work environment

A wellness and excellence-based culture

Let's discuss your company's needs

The Word on the Street about
Wellness Experience 360°™

Bob Boudreau, CEO, WinterWyman

Laurie Warren’s programming – her on-site lectures, group meetings, and one-to-one coaching work – has been a pivotal feature of the award-winning wellness culture that creates a healthy, productive workforce for WinterWyman. Through her ongoing corporate wellness events and touch-points with our organization, she has been instrumental in WW being named one of the Healthiest Companies in Massachusetts by the BBJ – an honor that we’re very proud of.

We’ve been able to keep a healthier, happier, and more productive life-style front and center with all of our staff. Through Laurie’s advice, counsel and wonderful sense of humor, she’s had such an incredible impact as a member of our team, working side by side with our Employee Engagement program.

Not only are we impressed with Laurie’s obvious expertise in the field of whole-person wellness, we’re equally appreciative of the passionate and engaged way that she presents it. It’s very “real world” and practical, and in a very positive way she gave us simple steps we could take to start improving our health habits immediately – which, of course, creates positive momentum. Her approach is genius, and she’s been so well received by everyone on our team. Laurie’s energy, passion, comfortable style and guidance make her a welcome asset to our wellness culture.

Michelle Roccia, EVP Employee Engagement, WinterWyman

Laurie Warren has been instrumental in guiding our award-winning wellness program at WinterWyman. With her deep knowledge and guidance around the holistic employee experience, we’ve been recognized by Boston Business Journal as one of Boston’s healthiest companies. Through both company-wide training and one-on-one coaching meetings with our employees, Laurie has educated and empowered us on the importance of healthy living, stress resilience, more focused and creative thinking, and creating personal clarity. With Laurie’s guidance and recommendations, many employees have made long-term changes – changed their eating and lifestyle habits, conquered challenging health issues, and “changed their mind” as Laurie says – and are now enjoying a much healthier, happier, and more productive work and life experience.

I am one of the members of our management team who worked with Laurie via her six-month BetterHealth™ Journey Program. I’ve learned so much about myself and have successfully changed some habits that have been instrumental in improving my health and well-being. Laurie is a wealth of knowledge about how our bodies and minds work, and how important it is to “feed” all of our aspects – body, mind, and spirit. Working with Laurie has been a game changer for me!

Laurie worked with WinterWyman to create programming that fits our culture, and her real-life, fun and witty approach has been extremely effective here. In addition to her depth of knowledge, she’s truly a wonderful person.

Paula Doherty, Human Resources, Babson College

Laurie Warren brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to Babson College, educating our employees that it’s never too late to make a choice for better health. Laurie’s holistic, natural approach challenges our employees to take control of their own health by creating an awareness of alternative health and wellness methods. Her passion is contagious and inspiring, and she always leaves us with something to think about. Laurie’s programs directly align with Babson’s wellness strategy, as we strive to promote a shift to more healthy choices and behaviors to enhance our employees’ quality of life.

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