coronavirus: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

February 4, 2020
Let's move beyond the fearmongering and hype, and get real about the coronavirus.

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Book Events

In other news, my book
Wild World, Joyful Heart (WWJH) continues to make its way to its readers, and we had some amazing book events between Oct 2019 and January 2020. I’m grateful and thrilled about every event, and all of the fabulous folks that show up to connect about wholeness and empowered well-being.

YES I will be doing more book/education events in 2020. I’m taking a little self-care break right now, but will be back in the book event saddle around March and will keep you posted. Thank you for all your emails and questions about said events.


The coronavirus

Have you heard of the coronavirus? (haha….how can we not, right?)?

Know this: whatever we focus on takes up our mindspace and becomes larger than life. And news shows love to focus on scary things that grab our attention. Over and over and over. And our fear goes viral. The actual coronavirus itself is still pretty quiet, statistically, but our virus of fear is spreading like wildfire. Here are some stats for you to ponder…

Remember the Bird Flu, also known as H5N1, that was supposed to wipe out millions of people and had everyone’s knickers in a knot? The death toll was in the hundreds, worldwide. Which is statistically…well…let’s just say that is beyond statistically insignificant. In a typical year, 290,000 – 646,000 people worldwide die from the flu, amidst a population of 7.6 billion. And far more people live through it than die from it, but we don’t talk about that statistic. More people die from car crashes each year (1.25 million worldwide) than die from the flu, by at least double. But we still drive (and often text while doing the driving).

The flu, in all its variety of strains and names, has been around a very long time…likely as long as there have been people for it to live and proliferate in. People get sick. Viruses are everywhere. Most of the people that die from the flu were in a vulnerable state to start with…very old and unwell, very young with immature immune systems, or otherwise health-compromised. Which leads us to what we can realistically DO about avoiding the coronavirus, or any other illness: The best defense is a good offense.


A Good Offense: Boosting Immunity

The best thing you can do is NOT watch the coronavirus news. One, because it makes things sound big and scary and puts us into a Victim Mindset; and two, because we release gobs of stress hormones as we watch the news and talk about the virus all day, and chronic stress is one of the biggest contributors to poor immunity! Which leads me to my…

Top Eight Ways to NOT Die from ANY Virus:


  1. Manage chronic stress and practice stress resilience.
  2. Drastically reduce sugar intake (36 grams per day or less).
  3. Exercise daily. Doesn’t have to be fancy. A one-mile walk is great.
  4. Drink 80 oz. of water a day.
  5. Get 7+ hours of restful sleep at night.
  6. Increase your veggie intake, especially of dark, leafy greens.
  7. Wash your hands with soap often, and be thorough (about 15-20 seconds).
  8. Eat garlic and mushrooms (specifically maitake and shiitake mushrooms), or take a supplement like this one.

Death is a hard topic and I’m not in any way minimizing the lives that are taken by any sickness, including the flu. What I am saying is that being stressed about a virus not only erodes the very immunity that we need for our good offense, but it also is akin to being stressed about driving. Or being stressed every time we see someone eat sugar, which kills far more people than the flu and car accidents combined.?

I suggest you cultivate a Creator Mindset (more on that in Wild World, Joyful Heart) and focus on your offense.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love and Body Sass?,



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