Conquer chronic health issues with this powerful new tool

August 16, 2022
Learn about functional medicine: What it is, how it's different and why all of that matters. Plus check out a new tool you can try right now!

What is functional medicine, and why has it gained so much traction over the last few decades? And, honestly, why might you even give a rat’s behind about any of that?

Let’s start with some important definitions, and why you might care. We’ll close out with a cool opportunity to get some great input on your complex chronic health issues!


Conventional medicine


Conventional medicine is the system in which medical/dental doctors and related professionals, therapists, pharmacists, etc. work. It’s also called allopathic medicine, traditional medicine, mainstream medicine and Western medicine. This system treats symptoms and disease using drugs, radiation, surgery and rehabilitative services.

Some folks get the impression that I’m against conventional medicine. In truth, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that I’m against, in any part of life, is doing harm. As fate would have it, the Hippocratic oath that doctors take when becoming a practicing doctor includes a vow to “first, do no harm.” Like most statements, there’s a wide range of interpretation in that vow. But I won’t digress.

Conventional medicine absolutely has its place in our health management system. If I’m bitten by a rabid animal, am in a fiery car crash or develop bacterial meningitis, I would very much like to be in the best hospital I can find. Conventional medicine is often a good bet for acute health issues.

The basic premise of conventional medicine is to diagnose illness (usually in 7 minutes or less) and then to try to either cure or suppress symptoms with prescription drugs or surgery. The trouble is that more than 50% of the health struggles that folks are navigating are chronic health issues, not acute health issues. And for chronic health issues, the conventional medical system falls painfully short.


Functional medicine


Chronic health issues are longstanding and typically complex. An organ in the body can become 70% dysfunctional before we notice any symptoms from the underlying dysfunction. The body is masterful at compensation. This helps with survival in the short term—a task that the body will accomplish however it can—but can lead to multi-layer health issues. As systems and organs move into dysfunction, they will affect other systems and organs. Hence, the complexity.

For instance, if a person has dysglycemia—ranging from mild blood sugar imbalance to full-blown diabetes—many, many other parts of the body are affected. Among other things, high blood sugar is damaging to vascular walls, to the brain and to our nerves. If a person complains of nerve pain in their feet and we “treat” the feet, we’re missing the root cause of diabetes.

About 80% of chronic disease is driven by lifestyle factors—exercise, food choices, sleep quality, proper hydration, stress resilience and inner peace. Functional medicine is about preventing and reversing chronic illness. The approach is individual, patient-centered and collaborative. It’s about supporting the whole human in healing as opposed to quieting symptoms while the dysfunction rages on.

Functional medicine and integrative nutrition are at the core of my work, which has expanded over the years to include mind training (Mind Savvy®) and the spiritual journey. A true whole-person approach that’s woven throughout my programs, lectures, 1:1 work and book.

So, you can likely imagine my interest when I recently learned of a new functional medicine technology that supports people on their path to feeling better. A friend and colleague with whom I have a 30+ year relationship—dating back to my career in tech—is an active board member in the launch of this technology. He’s a longtime follower of my work and invited me to check it out. I’m pretty excited about it and want to share it with you, along with an offer!


A view into complex chronic health issues


Complex Health Solutions (CHS) is a new company, founded by a conventional medical doc that moved into functional medicine. He quickly found his practice full and was frustrated that people had a long wait to meet with him to find out what the root causes of their health challenges may be. Enter technology.

CHS designed a program called RootFinder™ that combines functional medicine and artificial intelligence. By spending 10-15 minutes online to answer a series of simple health questions, you immediately receive a report that identifies and explains the top five most likely root causes of your complex chronic health issues.

Although the RootFinder™ assessment is not a replacement for functional medicine lab tests, I’ve vetted the assessment with both myself and a long-time client, and it nailed the top five challenges for both of us. I was impressed. My clients pay north of $500 out-of-pocket (my direct cost) for functional medicine lab tests. The CHS assessment, typically $69, is on special discount at $39. If you decide to take it, enter the code LW1 (that’s LW and the number one) and you receive an additional 15% discount!

Once you, or anyone you share this email with, gets your assessment, you might choose to engage a functional medicine practitioner to get to work on your health challenges. I, of course, am happy to be of service and I work with clients across the U.S. CHS also has a growing list of providers that you can peruse.

Trying to address complex chronic health issues via conventional medicine is frustrating, to say the least. There are plenty of talented, compassionate and heart-centered MD’s that are, unfortunately, operating in a broken system. That’s not just my opinion. I hear it over and over from my conventional MD colleagues. “The system is beyond broken and I can’t practice the way I want to. I’m operating in a big machine that is dominated by health insurance directives and powerful pharmaceutical company influence.”

For you, turning to a broken system with your chronic health issues is a recipe for frustration and dead ends. This new tool is a great starting point on your path to reclaiming your precious health.

Once you try it, let me know what you think!

To your empowered well-being,


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