Connection Feeds Our Spirit

August 11, 2015
True human connection feeds our spirit. It is a basic Soul Food that helps us create joy and meaning in our lives. Technology has a place in the world, but cannot replace this basic human need.

Good morning,

A big, warm August-ish hug to you this morning! This morning, I have some Soul Food to share with you, in the vein of technology and humans. But first, a quick, super-fantabulous announcement!

The Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program is IN DA HOWSE!! Yep, three times a year, I run a game-changing group cleanse program that folks love, love, love?and the third program event is right around the corner. Yay!

Save the Date: September 12 ? October 2

Registration opens next week! Woo-hoooooo!

Phew. I got super excited there. Back to technology and humans. Here?s the thing. Technology is like most anything, in that it can be used well, or misused. And, like many things, the terms ?used well? and ?misused? are pretty subjective. And, to be clear, in the realm of ?misused?, the technology isn?t the issue?it?s the humans using it.

Make no mistake about it, I LOVE my smartphone. And, I only use it at maybe 20% of its capacity and usefulness, so imagine how much more I?d love it if I really embraced it and all it had to offer. However, there are a lot of studies coming out now that our addiction to our devices and technology is causing problems for our human-ness?physically, emotionally, relationally, mentally, and spiritually. Here?s a great TED Talk on some aspects of that research?

[ted id=1409]

And, on the flip side, there are studies that show that technology can help our minds to grow. There are many studies that support this, as well, and I encourage you to check out this great TED Talk on one aspect of this aspect of technology, especially if you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, and/or human. 😉

[ted id=1618]

As you may have noticed, the intent of this post is not to state my opinions on this subject?even though I know you may find it shocking to find out that I do, indeed, have a few opinions on it (wink). My intent is to spark some curiosity and thought around the subject for you. This is a very new frontier and we have a lot to learn. There are valid points on both sides of the equation. And, like we do with pretty much everything, we will simply learn by using ourselves as lab rats. We tend to dive in, and then see what comes out of it. And that is certainly one way of learning.

What I WILL say is that when technology replaces true human connection, then “Houston, we have a problem.” When a family member sits through an entire sporting event for a child, and rarely looks up from the screen in their hand?were they really there for the game? When two people are out for dinner and they both spend the evening on their respective devices?were they really out together, connecting? When people sling ?communications? over technology that they would never say in person?is that mindful, relationship-building communication?

And then there?s the relationship with ourselves, the most important one (because it affects ALL of our other relationships). Here?s some food for thought?

If you?re always listening to the noise of media & technology, it?s impossible to hear the whispers of your soul.

Like anything in life, it?s likely a mindful balancing, that looks different for each person. I recently came across a great article about technology and happiness, culled from an interview with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Here?s a guy that is likely one of the most conscious & compassionate beings on earth, is 80 years old, and has over 24 million followers on social media! I will post that article tonight, on my Facebook page?

Creating vibrant health is a process, not a prescription.

With love & connection,


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