Can You Be Introspective & LIT?!? You bet.

December 27, 2016
Engage in a simple process that has the power to educate and CHARGE you for 2017, while celebrating 2016.

REALLY!?!? 2017 starts this weekend?!?

The end of the year most always finds me feeling nostalgic, introspective, and LIT UP about the coming year. (I know, that?s a bit of a weird combination, but there you have it!) I?m not a super-big fan of ?New Year?s Resolutions? because they tend to be short-lived and evoke frustration and feelings of ?oh, what the hell!? in us?when our?willpower starts to fail, usually around mid-February. This isn?t because the resolutions are inherently bad or lame, or because we’re bad or lame, it?s because our approach to them sets us up for failure.

I am, however, a fan of taking a loving look at my life, and how I engage with it, and to think about how I might want to think, and to Be, differently going forward. This can be a simple process or a complex one, should you choose to engage with it; and either way, it can be illuminating, helpful, and FUN (my fave).

I?ll talk more about this in next week?s blog?but if you want to get the juices flowing, you could start by asking yourself three simple questions…..

1.?What did I do, create, or experience this year that I feel really awesome about?

2. Which mistakes that I made this year offer me a goldmine of learning?

3. What am I willing to release or re-hab? Meaning: what?beliefs, items, relationships, choices, ways of responding, etc?am I willing to let go of, or re-engage with in a new way, that don?t serve me anymore? What am I holding on to that?s actually holding me back?

This can be a valuable and very cool process. Feel free to put pen to paper as your organize your thoughts! Enter 2017 like you MEAN it!

Thank you for being part of this community. Thank you for engaging with my content and my programs. Thank you for taking baby steps to better honor yourself, BodyMindSpirit. And thank you for all your love & support during this year.
Every interaction, big and small, inspires me to continue this work of helping folks to?.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & gratitude,


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