Bonanza Salad and a Sassy Bod!

April 19, 2016
Holy brain-bonanza, Batman! This salad tastes amazing and is absolutely loaded with nutrients that feed our BRAIN and whole body. This splendiferous salad is Body Sass? Cleanse-friendly if you replace the walnuts with sunflower seeds and forgo the optional goat cheese. And still YUMMY!

Good morning!!

I hope you are having a splendiferous April thus far, and are taking moments to notice and appreciate the joy and beauty in every-day things. I took some me-time in my yard yesterday and was watching some honeybees busily gather pollen from the dandelions. I felt amazing gratitude for the massive abundance on this earth and how beautifully interconnected everything is. Joy!

Speaking of abundance, I offer you a reminder that the May 2016 BODY SASS? CLEANSE GROUP PROGRAM (aka: Group Power Purification Program or GP3) registration closes tomorrow night. Eek! This Program, as many of you know first-hand, brings an abundance of health wins to you, in a very short time. You?ll lose weight, gain energy, and feel AMAZING while learning a whoooole bunch along the way about how to keep that good thing going. Click HERE to learn more and get in on the action. Registration closes Wednesday, 4/20 at midnight!

I also offer you a fantabulous new recipe to tickle your taste buds and rock your health-meter! This Bonanza Salad recipe is off-the-charts yummy and is absolutely packed with Food Sass? heroes like kale, walnuts, avocado, beets, and broccoli sprouts. These feed a healthy body, and support a healthy, laser-sharp BRAIN. Click the pic below to hop over and download this Food Sass® Featured Recipe.

We’ll be talking more about boosting your brain in the BodyMindSpirit® Membership in May; don’t miss out on all this membership brings to you! Click HERE to learn more and sign up.

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love & dish suds,


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