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September 8, 2015
Most of us are not drinking enough of the life-giving water that we need. Our bodies are practically SHOUTING for more water. Learn how much you need, and how to create habits that make it happen.

Good morning!

I hope you are having a splendiferous start to your September. September is typically a big Body Sass? Cleanse month in my practice. Meaning, lots of folks are feeling a bit gunked-up, and maybe a few pounds heavier, after the months of summer that sometimes come with a bit of a ?devil may care? attitude about our health choices. Me included! My personal fall Body Sass? Cleanse started this morning!

A discussion that happens very often with my cleanse clients, and with most of my clients in general, is around the topic of water intake. Yes, yes, I know you?ve heard it all before. I?ll keep it brief, but this Body Sass? edition of my love-filled blog shares some water info that might be new for you. UBER important!

Client: Yes, I drink plenty of water.

Me: Great! How much is ?plenty??

Client: Oh, I don?t know?I usually have some in the morning, some with lunch and then some with dinner?maybe around 4-5 cups.

Me: That?s a good start, but?um?we need to talk. ?;-)

The stats are this. On an average day, we lose about TEN to FIFTEEN CUPS of water PER DAY, just being a regular person. This does not include sweating profusely with a workout, nor the diuretic action of caffeinated beverages which pulls even MORE water out of our bodies (Like coffee. Yes, including your coffee.) We lose about 4 cups of water a day, just from breathing! Holy body-draught, Batman!

Yah, so that whole ?8 cups of water per day? thing? There?s no research that created that guideline. The SCIENCE is that our body loses boatloads of water per day and we need to replace it in kind?because we?re about 70% water. Not coffee, not soda, not juice, not Gatorade. Water.

I suggest that, like with most things, it?s helpful to create habits to create what you want in your life. If you want to be well-hydrated, and lend a big helping hand to creating your Vibrant Health, then create your own water mojo. For instance, I am not a good water-drinker by nature. So, I have a water mojo: I drink 2 cups in the morning, first thing, before any food goes in my mouth. Then, I have a 2.5 cup bottle that I have to drain before lunch, and then again before dinner. I usually have 3 cups of herbal tea per day. That?s my minimum of 10 cups, and I try to get in more than that.

See? So it?s not usually enough to just say ?Oh, right?wow, that water thing is important, I?ll drink more.? Give yourself the support you need for self-care, and create habits that help you reach your goals. Boom.

And speaking of self-care. Now that we are officially into September, I am reminding you that you have an AMAZING opportunity at hand to attend a retreat, Oct 16-18 in western Massachusetts, that is ALL ABOUT self-care and supporting your ability to Create Vibrant Health? for yourself.

Register today to grab one of the remaining spots in this relaxing, nutritious, education-rich retreat, and you will thank yourself forever. This is not an event to be missed!

In other news, thank you to those who showed up on my first two Periscope live video stream events last week. I was pretty nervous (?wahhh?…social media AND video COMBINED?!?…LIVE?…eek!) and so appreciated seeing some friendly peeps in the crowd. I will be ?scoping? regularly, and hope many more of you will check it out. Free education is a happy thing! Download the Periscope app and follow me: @LaurieWarren12.

See you there!

The food (and WATER!) you eat (drink) builds your body, every day, for better or for worse.? Make choices for health!

With love & hydration,


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