Birdsong and other delights

May 8, 2018
Mindfulness and nutritious and delicious Food Sass?...what's not to love about that?

I hope this blog post finds you feeling springy, and enjoying the burst of life and renewal that comes with spring. This last week, I’ve been wondering how many things are more delightful than spring birdsong – I’ve decided that that aren’t many. I’ve got so many fun things to share with you today, starting with a…

Wooooot! The last weekend in April, an entity that I co-formed called Tribus hosted the Heart-Centered Healing & Living Event featuring Kim Barthel. It was off-the-charts amazing. We laughed; we cried; we bonded; and we explored the related topics of mindfulness, compassion, compassionate communication, and attachment theory. A great take-away that I want to share with you about mindfulness:
“Mindfulness is simply noticing – without appraisal, evaluation, or judgement. One of the greatest barriers to mindfulness is the shame we sometimes feel when we notice that we’re not being mindful!”
Soooooo not helpful, and definitely not the point. The more we allow and invoke a mindful approach in our daily living, the less stress, drama, and unhappiness we feel over time. Yay for that! A huge thank you to our speaker, her husband, and the attendees for co-creating a truly game-changing weekend.

In other news, the requests for a spring Body Sass Cleanse? have been rolling in. “OMG, Laurie Warren I so need a Cleanse right now!” I know; me too. Program veterans, if you email me and place your order by 3pm today, you can start this Friday and get 17 days under your belt (lame pun intended) before Memorial Day. Then you can take a day off, and finish up! If I do say so myself…an awesome plan. If you’re new to the Body Sass Cleanse?, please click here and get yo’self registered, and we’ll spend a juicy 3 weeks “together,” guiding your body in a fantabulous re-set and rejuvenation (yes, and often weight loss).

Next, a most excellent colleague of mine is co-leading a transformational weekend workshop in New York called “Welcoming Your Shadow Into the Light.” Based on my work with her, she’s a gifted teacher and I have no doubt that this event will be a collaborative creation of positive change, that will free up your energy for living more awesomely. And who doesn’t want to free up more energy in themselves?!

Finally, let’s talk Food Sass? baybeeeee! This time, I’m going to do something a little different. Instead of sharing a new recipe (which I will do next time), I’m going to point out three great spring recipes on my site, and three great foods you can buy at local health food markets or on-line, that are still full of sass. Ready?

3 Splendiferous Spring Recipes

Warm Salmon and Asparagus Salad with Simple Pesto
Bonanza Salad
Bop Bars?

Boom. A nutritious and delicious weekend meal is on the docket for you. You’re welcome 🙂

3 Great Food Sass? Purchases

Raw Sauerkraut (the real deal) – An inexpensive way to get pre-made veggies, and the bonuses of probiotics and copious cancer-fighting properties since cabbage (a cruciferous vegetable) is what kraut is made with. My fridge always has at least two jars.
Epic Bars and Real Sticks – if you’re into meat jerky, these are two nutritious and delicious go-to’s. Portable protein.
Go Raw Sprouted Cookie Crisps – the Ginger Snap is my fave. Be careful with these! They do have sugar in them, from dates, and it’s reaaaalllly easy to overeat. Consider these a healthy “treat.”

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & spring joy,


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