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Have you been duped by the shiny object industry?

America has a $70 billion weight loss industry with a 97% failure rate. We would never book a flight on an airline with those stats! “Travel with Fly-by-Night Airlines, where 97% of our flights are guaranteed to crash.”

But millions of us, over and over again, part with our hard-earned money for gimmicks, diets, and fads that ultimately lead us right back to square one. Overweight, exhausted, and unhealthy. And, as insult to injury, we then feel like we’re a failure. Like we’re broken and un-healable. Like something is wrong with US.

“I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I can’t lose the weight. I live on a hamster wheel of stress. I feel vaguely discontent. And I feel incredibly discouraged. I must be broken.”

It’s not you. You’re not “broken” or “hopeless.”

It’s not you! It’s cultural madness. Creating a body and life that you love isn’t about counting calories, trying the new diet, working out harder, or taking a weight-loss supplement.

Most diets and programs incorporate rigid rules while subtly utilizing guilt and shame to create adherence; and focus solely on food and/or exercise, as an approach to change.

The BetterHealth Journey program takes a Tools, Practices, and Philosophy approach and is all about guiding you in foundationally changing your relationship with food, with yourself, and with your life experience. Melissa explains:

Life is a grind in so many ways. I just felt like a mess. I had a 2 year old and a newborn and was back to work full time. I was exhausted, overweight, and not taking very good care of myself. Having a child changes your body and can take a toll on your self-esteem, which of course has an impact on other relationships.

Four years later, no matter how busy I am, I take time to be good to myself. I have maintained my right-sized body, am less stressed, and am much happier. I feel on top of the world, most days, instead feeling like the world?s on top of me! And my family feels the benefit, on so many levels.

Laurie creates a safe space and helped me look at my life. Her compassion and lack of judgement allowed me to listen, learn, and heal. I am so grateful for her guidance, advice, and education. My work with Laurie changed my life.


This one-to-one Program challenges the life-sucking status quo, and defies the wellness propaganda that keeps us overweight, sick, tired, and unhappy.

Let’s break the (ineffective) rules.

Here’s what you WON’T hear.

  • Exercise more and eat less.
  • It’s a simple equation: calories in and calories out.
  • You need to track, count, and weigh your food.
  • Eat whole grains.
  • Consume heart-healthy vegetable oils.
  • Fat makes you fat; and definitely avoid all saturated fat.
  • Avoid carbs.
  • You need to amp up your willpower.
  • Follow the USDA Food Pyramid.
  • Try this weird trick and bust your belly fat!
  • The right medication can solve most things.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. And EXACTLY why you’re struggling.

Here’s what you WILL hear.

  • Change happens in your mind, before it manifests in your life.
  • Rigid rules are the recipe for failure.
  • A lasting approach to health & joy supports our whole Being—body, emotions, mind and spirit.
  • Let’s honor the reality of your life, and create habits and practices that work for YOU.
  • Don’t count calories; eat calories that count.
  • Habits rule the school. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • You WILL get off track. You’re just a human bean. The question is, what will you do about it?
  • Having the mean-girl/boy-voice in our head when we slide off track increases the chances that we’ll do it again.
    (Based on neuroscience research)
  • You must learn to TRUST yourself.
  • When we have symptoms or disease, the question is always, “Why is the body doing that?” Foundational healing is the only healing.

Food is to be enjoyed. Not counted.

Laurie?s work with creating change is unparalleled. Her impressive program and coaching has changed my life. My weight, my outlook, and my energy have never been better.
~ Liz

Your BetterHealth Journey is a 6-month program and relationship. Education, inspiration, tactics, practices, empowerment, and support are provided through curriculum and coaching that are both powerful AND gentle.

Rest assured that I will bring to bear all of my wide and deep learning and experience—in integrative nutrition, functional medicine, biochemistry, pathophysiology (disease development), neuroscience, personal development, and spiritual inquiry—for YOUR better health.

More great news? This program and expert guidance fits into your life. Whether you’re in your jammy pants on your couch, or in a suit at your office, we schedule your coaching calls at a time when you can focus. On YOU. As long as you have a computer, a phone, and open mind, you’re ready to rock.

Schedule your FREE BetterHealth Discovery Session.

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Your BetterHealth Journey Program includes:

  • The complete Body Sass® Cleanse Program
  • Intake Assessment to set you up for maximum personalization and success
  • Deep Dive session: Includes clinical assessment and exploration of your WHY
  • (2) Monthly 30-minute BetterHealth Calls
  • Weekly Program emails to educate, inspire, and empower your journey
    (Weekly for months 2-6. Daily emails are received during the Cleanse month.)
  • The Mind Savvy® 7 Steps for Transformation
  • Habit Assessment Worksheet reviewed monthly to support foundational change
  • Food Sass® for Vibrant Health eRecipeBook
    (65 recipes delivered with health philosophy, education, and FUN)
  • 2 richly educational eGuides per month to support your BetterHealth™ Journey
  • Shared Wisdom, fun, and acceptance of exactly where you are

Laurie?s approach is holistic, whole-person, and lasting. She?s a wise, beautiful soul and does an exquisite job in working with belief systems. Feeling this good, at age 60, is a truly a gift!
~ Susan

“Yes. I deserve this! I want lasting change.”

And I want to guide you! Let’s make it happen.

But don’t take my word for it. Cora’s story perfectly describes the typical BetterHealth Journey experience. It’s long, but I couldn’t bear to edit anything out, as her words captured her journey so well. I encourage you to grab a warm cup of tea and read on. Do you hear yourself in her story?

Why can?t I conquer this? I would ask myself this question on a regular basis.?I had overcome and accomplished so much in my life, but this seemed unattainable. I had tried everything from food restriction to excessive exercise, but the stress in my life always got the best of me. It started in college and continued in law school and at my job. I would eat when I was anxious, stressed, and tired, which seemed to be most of the time.

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I was strong and determined in so many ways. I had started work as an associate attorney and worked my way to a senior partner.?I could solve even the most complex problem for a client, but I couldn?t figure out a way to solve my own.

I also gained weight with the birth of each of my three children, and gained even more weight afterwards as I attempted to juggle motherhood and my career. I would ?diet? for a specific event only to gain the weight again. Food was my drug of choice and I used it to survive. I found myself in my 50?s, about 60 pounds overweight, my ankles and fingers swollen, and my mind foggy.?I was self-conscious, frustrated, and irritable.

I was away one summer weekend with some of my college friends and one, in particular, looked fabulous. I could tell she?d lost a lot of weight; but it was so much more.? She was glowing with so much energy and there was a new peacefulness about her. I wanted what she had!?When we were alone, I asked her what she had done to transform herself. She told me about her journey with Laurie Warren, and how Laurie had changed her life.?Was this the answer I had been praying for?

I instantly connected with Laurie, and could tell she was the real deal.?Her philosophies made sense to me.?Laurie explained how the body processes food, why good fats are important, and how much water we must actually consume each day to keep our bodies hydrated. She helped me address my work habits. And she masterfully guided me in changing my mindset. I began to understand for the first time in my life, the science behind it all. As we worked together, it all began to make sense.

It was clear that this would be a lifestyle change, not a diet.? I would begin by cleansing my body by eating whole, nutrient-dense foods.?As my body started to detoxify, my mind became clearer.?The inflammation in my body began to lessen, and my energy level increased.?This time it was different.?This time I knew I didn?t want to turn back. I made my Health Journey (as Laurie calls it) my number one priority.

I made a commitment to regain my health.?My mantra became ?if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.? So every day I prepped and planned my meals, leaving very little, if nothing, to chance. I didn?t think long term at first, only one day at a time. I was scared after completing the cleanse portion of the Program. How will I be able to sustain this??new normal??? I had many questions and concerns, and Laurie patiently answered each and every one.?How do I order when out to lunch or dinner??How can I navigate a Disney vacation? Do wine and some chocolate have a place in all of this? (The answer was yes!)

It?s been a little over 3 years. Each day I follow the practices and philosophy that Laurie taught me.?The food I eat each day fuels my body and is yummy, too!?My body is 60 pounds lighter and now craves beets, kale, broccoli and lentils. I now enjoy daily movement and yoga, and the serenity that comes with it.?I?m living a life I never thought possible.?I?m happy, healthy and truly spiritually centered.

~ Cora

The women quoted on this page are not “the chosen few.” BetterHealth Journey alumni all beat the same drum of lasting change, of a new love and respect of self, and of a more healthy and peaceful BodyMindSpirit. Ready to join them?

Yes. Many before you have had wild success as a result of this Program.
Yes. This is PERSONAL. About YOU. We create what works in YOUR LIFE.
Yes. My approach is kind, gentle, powerful, and no-nonsense, all at once.
Yes. We cover it all: food, weight loss, movement, health challenges, tactics, and on.
Yes. We work as a team, and we also have fun. Laughter is good medicine.
Yes. This is a commitment. And you are worth it.

“YES. I want to feel good in my BodyMindSpirit.”

And I’d love to learn more about you, and your goals and challenges.
Let’s schedule your Discovery Session!

Every journey, including your health journey,
begins with a single step.
Let’s get started!

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