Avoid holiday weight gain

November 7, 2022
Tee up Your No-Gain Holidays. Get the body-mind support and accountability that you need this holiday season to avoid holiday weight gain.

The holiday season can bring many changes, including holiday weight gain. Although the average weight increase is not high, most folks don’t lose the holiday weight after January 1. This, along with typical weight gain, can add up over the years. This “slow drip” is how most people gain that extra 20+ pounds from 25-45 years old.

The holiday season can stretch for six weeks for many people. Although there are joys of the holidays, weight gain, challenged immunity, stress and overwhelm can be on the rise. Folks often just throw up their hands and say, “I’ll just go off the rails now, and deal with the ramifications later. It’s just too hard to do anything different. And I’m SO maxed out.”

Instead of throwing up your hands, get the support you need to avoid holiday weight gain, experience less stress and garner the body-mind support you need to truly ENJOY your holiday season.


Your No-Gain Holidays


Your No-Gain Holidays is 6 weeks of (weekly) group Zoom meetings, inspiring & supportive emails, and key targeted teachings culled from my deep treasure trove of support materials. This is a relaxed, flexible program that will be responsive to the needs of the particular group that gathers.
“Why Zoom?” you might ask.

Participants rave about the weekly Zoom meetings that are part of my 28toGreat™ Program. This ask-me-anything open forum helps folks stay on track while building the habits and lifestyle to support them for the long haul. And more great news? I always record the sessions, so there’s no worries if you miss them.


We’ll address it all in Your No-Gain Holidays:

  • Food choices & timing
  • Why the Food Sass® Lifestyle is so successful
  • Enjoying the parties while also supporting health
  • Tricks and tips to avoid holiday weight gain
  • Best practices for minimizing stress
  • Setting boundaries that honor others AND yourself
  • Why mindset is so important
  • And so much more!


=> Registration opens TODAY, Monday, Nov. 7 and closes on Wednesday, Nov. 16. Register by end-of-day this Friday 11/11, and get a FREE 20-minute private phone consult during the program!

=> Program starts on Thursday, Nov. 17 with our first Zoom meeting at 7pm ET!

=> Program ends with last Zoom meeting at 7pm ET on Thursday, Dec. 29.

=> Investment for ALL of this is only $127! (Only $21 a week!!)


That’s right. Only $127 for the whole holiday season. For 46% less than the investment for a one-hour 1:1 meeting with me, you get SIX HOURS of (shared) live education, support and accountability with me.
Happy holidays to YOU.

There’s no website page for this program. To register, email me at info@lauriewarren.com. Indicate whether you’d like to use Venmo, or if you’d prefer to use PayPal or a credit card (last two will have a 4% pass-through credit card fee included).

This program is exactly what so many of you have been asking for, so don’t wait. Get yo’self registered for the holiday support you need. I’m excited to offer this program to you! SO MANY people struggle during the holidays. Please don’t leave your friends and family out. Invite them along by sending them a link to this post.

Remember: Registration is open for a short time. Register now so you don’t miss out. No holiday weight gain for you this year! If you’re new to this community and are wondering what on earth the Food Sass® Lifestyle is, read on.


What, exactly, is the Food Sass® Lifestyle?


The best way to define the Food Sass® Lifestyle is to first back up and define Food Sass®…
Food Sass®: Whole nutrient-dense foods, organic where it matters, that are as close to their original state as possible. Taste amazing.
We’ll get deeper into this during the Your No-Gain Holidays program, but these are the basic tenets of Food Sass®.

 The Food Sass® LIFESTYLE honors real life, while supporting an 80/20 approach to food. Eighty percent of the time we eat Food Sass® and 20% of the time we eat whatever the heck we want (which, for some, may be more Food Sass®!).

That’s the Food Sass® Lifestyle train. The tracks that this train runs on include flexibility, no shame, no judgement and the Creator Mindset. This food lifestyle not only helps you lose weight, build health, enjoy more energy and heal your body…it helps you be your best self. This is a true whole-person, BodyMindSpirit approach to food, health and being.


Learn more with this new program!


This incredibly affordable program, Your No-Gain Holidays, is a great way to:

  • Get reminded, as an existing client, about how to eat for health in real life (ie: holidays)
  • Get acquainted, as a new client, about why my clients and program participants get a new lease on life through our work together.

This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Health and joy FOR LIFE. No perfection required (or suggested!). There are so many ways to “do it right.”


Remember, this program is designed to be super-easy to say YES to. To make it easy for you to say YES to YOU and your wellbeing. I’m so fired up! Will you join us?


To your empowered wellbeing,


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