Amazing, time-sensitive, opportunity for your IMMUNITY

March 31, 2020
Interested in a special Spring 21-Day program to support your immunity while you lose weight, gain energy, and provide your body with a timely re-set? Only a few days to respond!

I’ve been toying with an idea that may involve…YOU.

What’s the short story?

I’m thinking of running a special Spring 2020 Immune-Support Body Sass? Group Cleanse; as usual, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Dates would be April 10-30.
  • Yes you can have a “day off” for Easter, if you so choose.
  • Special bonus for program veterans that sign up with one or more friends who are new to the program; or for rookies (new to the program) that sign up together. (read on for bonus details)
  • Please reply to this email by EOD on Thursday, April 2, if you are interested. I can run the program with 10+ participants.

Hm. Sounds interesting. What are the deets?


Clinically, I know that a health re-set?reducing toxic burden, super-charging the body with nutrients, and giving our metabolism and hormones a re-balancing?can do wonders for people.

This is why a decade ago, I designed the Body Sass? Cleanse (back then I called it the Purification Program). It’s my most popular program, both for new participants and for folks that routinely use the program as part of their ongoing health maintenance habits. This program is powerful for people, on many levels.

Further, the benefits mentioned above also support stronger immune systems. Stronger immunity makes it more likely that we can stave off illness; or if we DO get sick, it supports our body in being less sick, and recovering more quickly. In other words, we set ourselves up for the best-case scenario.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been toying with the idea of running a special Spring Increase-Your-Immunity-During-the-Pandemic Cleanse. A real custom deal that weaves our pandemic Wild World challenges INTO the Cleanse support. But I kept thinking, “Gosh, will that be too much for people? Navigating our particularly Wild World, while also navigating a new food experience?”

What I’m hearing is that it brings some structure, sanity and HEALTH where they are sorely needed. I’ve had SO many veterans reach out in recent weeks who are now doing a Cleanse. AND, I had a Cleanse rookie?who is on day 19 today, and started this just as everything was starting to get very intense and she was sent home to work?just write to me that, “I think I’ll continue the Cleanse past the 21 days.”


Really? Tell me more.

The key benefits participants report experiencing:

  • I’m at my healthiest during the program
  • I remain healthier, for a long time, after I finish the program
  • My sleep is deep and restful
  • I eat delicious food and learn/remember how to eat well, for the long-term
  • I lose weight and experience an improvement in energy
  • It keeps me from self-sabotaging during this challenging time


Would this be a hard time to do the program, though?

Here’s why those veterans feel like now is actually a perfect time to do the program, from a logistical standpoint:

  • There are loads of fresh foods at the markets, because everyone is buying the non-perishables
  • There is structure and boundaries on my food choices, at a time when the wheel could easily come off the axle, so to speak (ie: copious wine and comfort foods)
  • No need to navigate food at business dinners, social gatherings or conferences
  • Many of us are not commuting, allowing for more time and ease around food prep
  • The community and group discussion would be extra-appreciated right now
  • It will keep me from self-medicating with alcohol during this challenging time!

This is the perfect time to do the 21-Day Body Sass? Cleanse with group support.

And the COVID-19 pandemic situation will be specifically addressed?physically, emotionally, mentally, and relationally?in your daily email support and in our private Facebook forum. There will also be a few new recipes to try, for those of you who are veterans.


What are those Bonuses you mentioned?

  • Everyone who signs up gets a FREE signed copy of Wild World, Joyful Heart: Unlock Your Power to Create Health and Joy. THE perfect book for right now. (Already have it? Nice work! Have the copy signed to a friend as a gift, and I’ll send it to them for you!)
  • Veterans with a new-to-the-program friend both receive a 45-minute FREE whole-person phone consult at the end of the program.
  • Two or more newbies that sign up together both receive a 30-minute FREE whole-person phone consult at the end of the program, plus a FREE e-copy of my Food Sass? for Vibrant Health recipe book, normally only attainable by registering for my 6-month BetterHealth Journey Program.

I want this for you. This is an important time to be your best?physically, mentally, and emotionally. A new Cleanse client who just completed the program told me, “Thank goodness I was doing this when everything started to happen so quickly with the COVID-19 pandemic and its vast ramifications. I will likely lose my business because of this and I can’t believe how emotionally calm I’ve remained during it all. That was a benefit of this program that I wasn’t expecting, and am SO grateful for!” Yup, the food and drink you take in affects your emotional and mental health.

The Spring 2020 Immune-Support Body Sass? Group Cleanse. Are you IN?

Again, please email me by EOD on Thursday 4/2 if you’re interested. That’s tomorrow. I need 10+ folks, gathered in short order, in order to run this special Spring 2020 group program.

Yours in health and joy, in a Wild World,



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