Acid for optimal health. Let’s talk LEMONS.

July 15, 2021
Heard about the benefits of lemon water, and wondering what all the fuss is about? Read on! (Part 1 of a 3-part series on the benefits of acid)

I was recently having a discussion with a client about lemon water, kidney stones and dental health, and I thought of you! Why? Because the Body Sass® editions of this newsletter often find me outlining the tactical health tips that I share with clients, in my work of helping folks get healthier and feel better.

Today, and in the next two blogs, I’ll share a three-part exploration about ACID. Are lemon water and apple cider vinegar good for you? How so, and how do you use them? What about acid reflux? Why do so many people struggle with stomach acid? 

Today we’ll get curious about lemons, apple cider vinegar and stomach acid—and what that info means for YOUR health and well-being. Acid can definitely be our friend!


Lemon Juice Health Benefits


Take lemons, for instance. Our yellow citrus friends contribute to health in many ways. How do they do that? High in fiber, vitamin C and phytochemicals, lemons support healthy skin and boost our immunity.

They also give water a yummy flavor, encouraging us to stay better hydrated. (You can add a few drops of stevia for a quickie “lemonade” flavor, without introducing the sugar that is so prevalent in most lemonade drinks.) In addition to all of that, let’s explore….


The Top 5 Ways that Lemons Improve Health


  1. Improve digestion
    Studies show that the soluble fiber in lemons can improve digestive health; this means that to get the benefits, we need to leave the pulp IN the lemon water. Further, some research shows that lemons improve the viscosity and flow of bile from the liver, promoting better digestion and absorption of fats, and more regular bowel movements.
  2. Prevent kidney stones
    The citric acid in lemons increases urine pH, which decreases the likelihood of kidney stone formation. Just ½ cup of lemon juice a day may prevent further stone formation in folks who already have them.
  3. Prevent cancer
    Studies show that lemons can help prevent cancer, and lemons aren’t alone here. The phytochemicals in plants are important neutralizers of free radicals, protecting our fabulous cells from DNA damage, while contributing to health in other ways that we’ve only begun to understand. Bottom line?
    Plant foods rock, and lemons are part of that family.
  4.  Support heart health
    The 30 mg of vitamin C found in a lemon is a good measure toward reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, the fiber and phytochemicals also significantly lower some heart disease risk factors.
  5.  Protect against anemia
    This sassy fruit (lemons) also helps to prevent anemia, primarily by improving our absorption of iron from our food. Note: this also means that a good iron supplement, when needed, should include vitamin C for proper absorption. Be sure to take iron under the care of a clinician as too much iron is toxic to our system.

Lemon-Wise Precautions


As much as the rest of our body loves lemons, our TEETH do not love them. If you’re drinking lemon juice regularly—such as lemon water or lemon/ginger tea—it’s best to do it through a straw, so you’re bypassing your teeth. Frequent exposure to acidic drinks and foods can cause irreversible erosion of tooth enamel. Uncool, and best avoided.


Part Two: Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has enjoyed a great deal of attention in the health world in the last few decades. It’s not a new discovery though; ACV has been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat various health issues for a very long time. We’ll be taking the ACV tour in the next blog.


Part Three: Debunking Acid Reflux


In part 3 of this 3-part series, we’ll discuss the acid that’s created in our stomach, why so many folks struggle with acid reflux, and why acid-reducing medications most often cause more trouble than they solve. AND, we’ll also outline what to do about it.


I hope you enjoy this series, which will be chock-full of some of the most common Q’s and A’s from my client work, relating to ACID.


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With love and health empowerment,


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