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Reclaim your health and well-being with the online academy.

The academy provides world-class programming, with thought and care put into every detail.

A rich learning environment with multiple lesson types— such as video, presentations, quizzes, and summary eGuides —supports a variety of student learning styles. Each course explores and connects the many facets of the Empowered Well-Being Framework, providing equal doses of foundational education and do-able steps.

These time-tested courses offer ease, organization and relatability while supporting your evolution toward better health, less stress and more joy…in the program and in your life experience!

Programs Coming Soon

Check out below to learn more about my new programs in development!


Follow your thread to feeling better.

This flagship course offers you a robust toolbox from which to reclaim your health and well-being.

Health is a journey, not a destination; and we need guidance and education to end our frustration…and get empowered. This course further explores some of the key points of my book Wild World, Joyful Heart, and provides even more ways to take action. Topics include empowered well-being, building health, reclaiming time, food choices, stress management, strengthening immunity, building habits and the 5 tenets of practicing self-care. Each module offers micromovements to easily get started!

Our ability to steward our health and well-being over a lifetime is supported by a mindset which:

  • Empowers us as the owner, creator and caretaker of our life experience
  • Guides us in health at all levels—body, mind and spirit
  • Is supported by personal responsibility, habits and self-care

How would your life experience feel with better health, stronger energy and more joy? Join me inside the academy.


Create your mindset and your toolbox.

A course that has the power to release you from the hamster wheel of stress, Develop Stress Resilience is a game-changer.

Unmanaged chronic stress is a top contributor to health issues and unhappiness. It is a main factor in the development of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, among other health challenges. It exhausts us, and drains the joy out of daily life. Yet how can we escape something that seems so pervasive, both personally and culturally? Something that seems to be woven into the very fabric of our days?

It starts with a small but powerful paradigm shift, followed by supportive daily practices and neurological reprogramming that evolves:

  • The lens through which you see the world
  • Your EXPERIENCE of life situations and events
  • Your setpoint of calm, confidence and inner balance

What would life be like without stress, exhaustion and poor productivity? I invite you to find out.


Get organized around healthy food choices.

If you feel as though you don’t have time to eat health-building foods, this course is for you!

Food choices are a key factor in our ability to heal, feel energetic, lose weight and enjoy all that life has to offer. After spending decades helping people drastically improve their health via shifts in food, I’m still blown away by how small, repeated choices add up to significant health improvement.

Learn how to organize your food environment and choices, so that everywhere from your kitchen to the local diner becomes an opportunity to improve your health. In the hands-on Food Sass® Mojo course, we’ll explore:

  • Which foods build, and destroy, your health?
  • How can you get organized, streamlined and stress-free around food?
  • What are tactics that help with food storage, wise spending and social eating?

How would might your health, weight and joy-of-life improve with a paradigm shift around FOOD? Join me inside the academy.

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