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My purpose, passion, and joy is to provide YOU with

a proven, personalized approach to

unlock your potential for vibrant, whole-person health.

I believe that your potential is both inherent and boundless. What may be missing is the support and framework you need to unlock the best version of you that you’re ready to embody. Healthy body, clear and creative mind, and a joyful and meaningful life experience. If you’re ready to engage with your wellness quotient and live intentionally, then we’re a match made in heaven. Your success story is next!


  • I’m confused about food & nutrition. I want to eat well, but I don’t know what that looks like, or how to do it.
  • I can’t lose weight. Nothing works. At least, not for long.
  • I’m tired of feeling tired. Where has my energy gone?
  • My thinking is foggy and distracted. It affects my work and my relationships.
  • I have ______ (name your dis-ease or disorder) and I’m not getting better.
  • I feel stressed out, anxious, and/or overwhelmed a lot.
  • I want to feel GOOD in my life. Joyful and ALIVE.
    Why don’t I?

Wondering if my programs are a good choice for you? If any of these statements are yours, and you’re ready to own your health journey, then you’re in the right place. Most people are experiencing several (if not all) of these at once. You’re not alone. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You want to feel better, lose weight, heal, be more productive and creative, and truly LIVE your life with joy and purpose. My passion is YOUR HEALTH; and contributing education, inspiration and empowerment to YOUR Health Journey.

Let’s stop managing symptoms and instead, promote foundational, whole-person health and healing. I can show you how. You’re invited to engage, have fun, and enjoy education and programs that are created to be DO-ABLE for you. You’ll LOVE how you feel, and how your life feels!


Welcome! I’m Laurie Warren and I’m a change agent for empowered well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Basically, I help people and organizations be healthier and happier. I do this joyful service – as a speaker, writer, corporate consultant, and clinician – with an approach that’s grounded in three foundational beliefs:

  • The body is a self-organizing organism that’s hard-wired for healing.
  • Our mind can be used as either a bridge or a barrier in our quest for well-being.
  • What matters most is WHO we are as we move through this world.

Prior to earning an MS in clinical and integrative nutrition, I spent a dozen years in leadership positions in the high-tech industry. This experience has assisted me in being a seasoned ally for corporate clients, helping them to build a progressive wellness culture.

My new book Wild World, Joyful Heart: Unlock Your Power to Create Health and Joy is a book about empowered well-being—body, emotions, mind and spirit. It’s a culmination of my past three decades of clinical experience, research and continual education in the fields of science, psychology, and spiritual evolution.

In addition to all that fun, originally a Maine native, I’ve lived for the past 24 years in the beautiful and historic Greater Boston area while enjoying my four children, my two grandchildren, and the gift of life.

The Word on the Street

Clients and Students

Laurie Warren is a one-of-a-kind expert in holistic health. Laurie’s depth of knowledge about nutrition, diet, exercise, and disease prevention is superior. She is truly invested in finding different ways to help people lead healthier lives. Her programs are game-changers.


I am so deeply thankful that I found Laurie. I had almost given up hope. Yesterday, the wellness consultant at my company commented that I look great, and suggested I redo my numbers to see if there was a difference since the last check 8 months ago, before I found Laurie. What a difference. He was amazed!

I am down 51 lbs and all of my other numbers have improved dramatically. He was most impressed that my lean muscle mass stayed the same in spite of the weight loss. I feel great and best of all no more chronic headaches, no more reflux, and I’m OFF my anxiety meds! I am, and will always be, eternally grateful to Laurie Warren.


In January of 2012 I turned 50. Overweight, high cholesterol, and body fat/BMI that were going in the wrong direction, I needed to take control of my health and well-being.  A workout regimen, along with partnering with Laurie to restructure my “food lifestyle,” resulted in a weight loss of 42 lbs., a significant reduction in body fat and BMI percentages, and a cholesterol drop of over 100 points. The results had me feeling like a million bucks by the summer. I highly recommend Laurie and her approach!


I was 22 years old and considerably underweight (6′ 3″ and under 160lbs) when my energy level and general health began to go south.

I began working with Laurie’s programs and was pleased to find that, not only was my energy, health, and weight improving, but Laurie’s comprehensive approach doesn’t just give a man a fish, but, indeed, teaches him how to fish.

I discovered that good food actually tastes GOOD, that when a routine is rewarding it’s EASY, and that health is one of the most wonderful things you can give to yourself. Now two years later I’m on a healthy diet, I’ve returned to martial arts and am in the best physical condition of my life?and, because of all these things I am just fundamentally happier.


I first heard Laurie Warren speak in 2005 at a lecture for school parents and her thought-provoking content helped my family shift several aspects of our relationship to food that continues through today.

Laurie is a devoted teacher and a powerful speaker, dedicated to helping people redefine their relationship with food and health. She is committed to helping people achieve their personal goals not through a prescribed plan, but through empowering individuals to understand their options and make informed choices for their health.

This aspect of her work reminds me of the saying, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Her work and information is not only effective, but transformative. She’s an amazing health advocate, yes; and she’s also a beautiful spirit.


Laurie has incredible knowledge on all things health & nutrition. Within six months, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in energy levels, sports performance, and overall health.?Additionally, I’ve removed all prescriptions for cholesterol and high blood pressure, complete with my doctor’s approval!

Laurie breaks down the complexity of health and nutrition into easily digestible sound-bites, and is solely focused on treating the cause of the issue, not the symptom. It’s refreshing to work with someone that’s so in tune with how the body works, and how to make it work better!


Laurie is a great resource on the path to better health. She’s all about educating people to be smarter in the choices they make in caring for their health. Laurie is highly intelligent, non-judgmental, and has a no-nonsense yet gentle approach. She’s fabulous!


Laurie Warren’s programs are amazing, and have been life-changing for me! I’ve learned so much and have started on the road to making good food choices. Laurie encourages change but is also respectful of how challenging it may be. She explains how to get started and what changes are the most important in the beginning. For a complete novice, like myself, it was all very understandable. Her program touched on it all ~ mind, body, spirit ~ and that was important to me.


At age 58, I was falling apart, obese, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, and diverticulitis. I knew I was too young to feel like I was dying already. Now, 7 months later, I feel the best I have felt in a very long time. I feel good on the inside, and this is mirrored by change on the outside. My energy level is where I always thought it should be. I can wear regular-sized jeans!

Just as important as the physical changes are the emotional/mind changes that Laurie’s work encourages. Laurie’s approach is truly whole-person. Her encouragement, motivation, knowledge and beautiful spirit no doubt brought me to where I am right now!!


I began working with Laurie?s programs with the hope of alleviating some of my ulcerative colitis symptoms. To my amazement, not only did my symptoms subside within several weeks, but at my yearly medical testing 4 months later it was found that my chronic inflammation had begun to reverse.

I feel better, at age 54, than I have in 10 years! I have more energy, have acquired better eating habits that are enjoyable and sustainable, and an added bonus is that I have lost almost 20 lbs with very little effort! I enthusiastically recommend Laurie’s user-friendly approach to better health and nutrition, no matter what your health history is.


Laurie Warren walks her talk and is driven by passion, wisdom and desire to teach others how to take responsibility for their own health. Her programs are amazing. She’s a strong, caring, professional woman with the most incredible listening and research skills I’ve ever encountered in an individual. Laurie’s energy, passion, and commitment to improving human health is backed by deep & broad knowledge, and the ability to educate & empower people.


How do you find the words to thank someone for changing your life? After 4 rounds of IVF and being told, at age 39, to give up my dream of having a child, I now have a beautiful, abundantly healthy son and I truly attribute his being here largely to Laurie’s wise and clinically-sound counsel.


The Word on the Street

Corporate and Speaking

Laurie Warren brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to Babson College, educating our employees that it’s never too late to make a choice for better health. Laurie’s holistic, natural approach challenges our employees to take control of their own health by creating an awareness of alternative health and wellness methods. Her passion is contagious and inspiring, and she always leaves us with something to think about.

Paula Doherty

Human Resources, Babson College

Laurie Warren is the best! She combines comprehensive scientific information with the practical concerns of life, parenting, monetary realities, and important facts about the interrelationship between the planet’s well-being and our own. She was asked to teach programs through Spirit Fire BECAUSE she knows what she is talking about and does it extremely well. And Laurie speaks from her heart as much as her mind. I highly recommend Laurie’s programs, no matter where they are taught.

Donna Mitchell-Moniak

Founder, Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center

WinterWyman is partnering with Laurie to promote our employee’s health and wellness through our corporate wellness initiative. Not only are we impressed with Laurie Warren’s obvious expertise in the field of nutrition & health, we are equally appreciative of the passionate & engaged way that she presents it. It is very “real world,” and practical, and in a very positive way she gave us simple steps we could take to start improving our health habits immediately. 

With Laurie’s continued guidance, WinterWyman earned a top-ten spot in the 2014 Boston’s Healthiest Company awards.

Bob Boudreau

CEO, WinterWyman

Laurie Warren maintains a high level of professionalism in all that she does. She excels as a teacher and her enthusiasm and spontaneous sense of humor enliven her presentations. People who take her programs not only learn a great deal about health & nutrition, they leave feeling inspired to incorporate new practices into their lives.

Lesley Shore, Ph.D.

Director, Harmony Center

Laurie Warren’s lectures & programs deliver passion, knowledge, and a desire to inspire and empower others. I can’t verbalize accurately how much I admire and appreciate what she does and how she does it. As a health expert myself, I find Laurie’s teaching a true inspiration and I am so thankful for her work here at the Y, especially in our LIVESTRONG Program. I know she’ll continue to have a huge impact on people and on our communities. 

Laurie manages to incorporate knowledge, wisdom, and complex concepts in a way that people understand them, while keeping a sense of FUN in all of her speaking engagements. She truly connects with her students. Laurie Warren is the personification of a world-class educator.

Lauren A. Marciszyn, RD, LDN

Youth and Community Wellness, Hockomock Area YMCA

The Word on the Street

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