My passion and joy is helping busy people get healthier, lose weight and feel better on all levels of their being—body, mind and spirit.

A multi-expertise change agent who has never fit well into boxes, for years I was told to “find your niche in wellness.” My niche? That sounds like a box. Instead, I have spent decades honing just the right compliment of skills to best support your health and well-being as a WHOLE PERSON. Because that’s what you are.

My unique approach to health, weight loss, healing, stress resilience and soul expression offers you a safe harbor in which to learn, heal and evolve.

Ditch the frustration.
Enter the No-Judgement Zone.
Reclaim your health and well-being


I love a good plan and have a genius for simplifying complexity.
Organizing and dancing are joyful endeavors.

How cool that what was simply coded into my DNA, supports your health journey. I can clearly see and articulate a plan, and when the body/mind resists, we pivot the plan or get busy removing internal barriers.

We follow the thread of your particular health journey.

In support of all of this, I have a knack for getting folks organized around food, habits, self-care and personal evolution. My love of dancing won’t likely do much to serve your well-being journey, but my 5-step Empowered Well-Being Plan—which I use in all facets of my work—uses the acronym DANCE:

Know this: I’m no stranger to frustration around my own health and well-being.
The diets, medical symptom management, and gimmicky “easy tricks” that disappointed the younger me, and led me to wonder if I just wasn’t wired to feel good? They were the perfect catalyst to create a woman, on a mission, with a plan…for empowered well-being for all.

The Professional Lowdown

I have a masters in Integrative Nutrition, alongside deep training in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience, biochemistry, mindfulness, stress-reduction, bioenergetic healing, herbalism and wisdom traditions.

I am a multi-expertise practitioner and educator, working as a clinical practitioner, eat-for-health coach, writer, program creator, keynote speaker and award-winning corporate wellness consultant. The dozen years that I worked in leadership positions in tech bring unique perspective and relevance to my corporate programming. My clinical specialties are weight loss, digestive health, bone health, adrenal health and blood sugar balance.

My first book, Wild World, Joyful Heart, was published mere months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The notes continue to come in from readers on how it has helped them reclaim their well-being, as they navigate an increasingly wild world.

The Personal Stuff

I’m made of Maine winters, rocky beaches, quiet forests and scrappily creating what I needed to thrive, since 1966. Equal parts tenacious, cheerful and curious, my favorite forms of self-expression are writing, art, and dancing to a hip-hop beat.

I believe that our commitment to ourselves is the most powerful tool for health and well-being. That we’re hard-wired for healing, and that the body responds better to support than to force. I believe that the mind can—in each moment, and in any application—be used as either a bridge or a barrier in our life experience. I also believe that leading with heart solves a lot of problems, even if it ain’t always pretty.

My three great loves are my family, my work and the great outdoors. I’ve lived for the past three decades in the beautiful and historic Greater Boston area, while enjoying my four children, my two grandchildren, and every moment of hiking, kayaking and gardening that I can carve out.

Interconnection and Joy

No matter who we are, there is always someone in the human family who has less than us, is struggling more than us, and is trying just as hard as we are. My company supports Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community and Charity:Water.
Giving, it turns out, connects us to joy far more than receiving does.

Empowered well-being is a journey. Ownership of that journey is a force to be reckoned with.