• Laurie Warren delivers both intriguing philosophy and tactical steps in this enjoyable, easy read. She writes in a way that draws you in and leaves you with unshakeable confidence on how to feel better in your everyday life.

    Emma Seppälä, PhD, Stanford and Yale professor and author of The Happiness Track

  • Laurie writes with such intelligence, relatability and humor. It's like sitting down with a wise friend who's got your back and knows that you’re capable of finding inner joy. New to mindfulness or a wise fart of it all, you'll find deposits of gold throughout this book.

    Jake C., Amazon Review

  • Laurie Warren masterfully explores the science and philosophy behind why we stay stuck in our unhealthy and unhappy existence--and provides the keys to turn that paradigm around. 

    Mark C. Perna, author of the award-winning bestseller, Answering Why

  • No matter who else you are reading, this book will offer some of the best reiteration and reinforcement of all that you may think you know, as well as some brilliant new insights that occasionally took my breath away. 

    Gisele G., Amazon Review

  • If I wrote a book, it would be exactly this one. As a 4-year survivor of metastatic breast cancer—far outliving my prognosis already—I live this book philosophy and guidelines every day; and tell anyone about it who will listen. I’ve given over 40 copies as gifts!

    Cori T., Email Review

  • Laurie Warren's debut wellness book, Wild World, Joyful Heart, is a tour de force. She contributes not just new insights, seamlessly woven together, but also practical guidance for thriving amidst the chaos.

    Deborah Sosin, LICSW, author of Breaking Free of Addiction

  • Laurie Warren is an inspiring, one-of-a-kind change agent. She has managed to create a comprehensive yet super-relatable guidebook that distills a huge swath of information into bite-size action steps. The organization is remarkable, the prose is lovely, and her voice is fresh.

    Brown Book Nerd, Amazon Review

  • This book changed my life and the way I view the world. I love Laurie's writing style -- she is conversational, informative, warm, understanding, and offered actionable tips and takeaways on how I can ease anxiety and stress in my life. This is a must read!

    Ashley, Amazon Review

  • This unique book often had me feeling that Laurie was speaking directly to me, pulling my struggles to the surface while giving me courage and strength to move in the direction that I needed to. Her knowledge, passion and realistic approach to health, wellness and life is unparalleled.

    Michelle R., Amazon Review

  • This deceptively breezy title tackles deep and philosophical ideas, offering wisdom, experience, and knowledge from a wealth of differing sources….Beginning with theory and moving into practical applications, Wild World, Joyful Heart emphasizes the development of a healthier body, mind, and connection to spirit.

    Kim Barthel, world-renowned therapist, educator and co-author of Conversations with a Rattlesnake

Reclaim Your Well-Being

Wild World, Joyful Heart is more than a fun title to say with our outside voice. What lies within its pages is a mindset and a lifestyle. An invitation to bravely inhabit your life in a whole new way—body, mind and spirit. An actionable framework on how to reclaim the healthy, sexy, energetic YOU who is tapped-in to the most powerful part of your being. A guidebook. A philosophy. A rally cry.

And it’s about to rock your world.

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You’re about to become empowered.

Wild World Joyful Heart

Get Started

It takes a village, and this complimentary Wild World, Joyful Heart Discussion Guide will help you turn information into deeper understanding and ACTION, via group exploration and support.

Read and discuss Wild World, Joyful Heart with your team or loved ones. Explore how to unlock individual health and joy. Uncover how to support health, develop stress resilience and create a mindful-relating culture in your group or organization.

This discussion guide provides in-depth questions for each chapter, as well as closing thoughts on how you or your group might get started on your empowered well-being journey.

Creating health and joy in a wild world is a courageous journey. It’s a journey about you and a journey about us all, and each of us has a unique path to walk.