A Valentine?s Day Experiment

February 14, 2017
I invite you to experiment on Valentine's Day, and EVERY day, with the power of love (love before it became a Hallmark Moment word 😉

My original intent, when pondering my weekly love note, was to provide you with a really amazing recipe for Butternut Squash Soup. Then I got thinking that this would go out on Valentine?s Day and folks might be disappointed if I didn?t even MENTION Valentine?s Day. There, I mentioned it! On to soup.
Haha, just kiddin?.

Leading up to February 14th, the majority of folks are busily buying cards, making dinner reservations, procuring jewelry and gifts, finding the perfect chocolate, buying flowers, etc. And, if that?s your thing, that?s great and is probably well-received by the person that is being showered by Valentine?s gifts. Rock on wit dat!

But I found myself wondering, over the days I was working on this blog post (which changed about 20 times)??I wonder what it would be like if, on Valentine?s Day, people treated every single person with whom they crossed paths like they were the most special, love-worthy person on the planet?? So, instead of focusing a whole bunch of time, energy, and money on ONE person, or even a few people; instead, we gave that out, over the whole day, to EVERYONE.

We feel love for the bank teller, the person at the 4-way stop sign, our office mates, the person who?s crossing the street too slow for our taste, the attendant at the Dunkin? Donuts drivethru, every single person we speak to on the phone, the gas attendant, the person driving the car who slid on black ice and bumped us in traffic, the contractor working on our kitchen, the mail carrier?everyone we meet, we are kind and loving. We look them in the eye and smile with heart. We forgive their errors. We accept them as the beautiful human they are. We give them our full attention. We treat them like they are our precious child who just wants to be seen, loved and appreciated.

Because adults aren?t any different. We ALL want to be seen, loved, and appreciated. Even if we don?t admit it with our outside voice.

I invite you to play in my Valentine?s Day experiment. If you are someone who is normally rushed, maybe impatient, and possibly not connected to the people you come into contact with?try it for a day! It?s absolutely amazing, when love is expressed so simply?loving eye contact and a warm smile?how wonderful that feels to both give and receive. So, I double-dare ya! Love everyone you come across today. And Happy Valentine?s Day to all!
p.s. I?ll hook you up with the soup next week! 🙂

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With love,


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