A triple-infusion of BodyMindSpirit awesomeness

February 12, 2018
A fantabulous podcast on stress, an amazing weekend event, answering the rallying ?Re-set!? cry, and some Valentine love?all for you, baybeeeee!

Got a lot on your plate as you move forward with 2018? Feeling a little stressed? Wondering if it really matters that you?re feeling stressed? Wondering, as a leader, if stressed-out employees are your concern? Wondering what to do about all/any of that? Well I have great news (as opposed to another question ;-))?I was recently interviewed by Liz Roney of The Leadership Coaching Group for their fantabulous podcast, and it is LIVE and ready for you! Liz and I had a lot of fun during the interview, and covered a lot of ground during all that fun. In 30 quick minutes you?ll have a lot of inspiration and answers. Here are several ways you can get in the know:
There are other options available at The Leadership Coaching Group, under the ?Listen to Our Podcast? menu option. Enjoy!

In other news, The Heart-Centered Healing & Living Event for Apr 28-29 with Kim Barthel is half full already! Sooooooo excited about this event, and about the great response it?s receiving. If you?re intention is to be IN on this special weekend, please get yo?self registered to reserve your spot. If this event is even half as amazing as Kim?s day-long event last November (The Power of Compassion), it will be a splendiferous, instructive, game-changing weekend! I hope you will join us.

Finally, I have been receiving many, many emails (aka: a rallying cry) from sad peeps who missed out on the January Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program. And then I remind them that a Solo Cleanse is super-doable and very supported (by moi), and they say ?Oooooooh yah. Forgot about that. SIGN ME UP!? So in case that?s you, and you?re feeling the need for a re-set and recalibration, you can learn more or give me a shout, and we?ll get your party started.

Have a lovely Valentine?s Day tomorrow! Love up your sweet BodyMindSpirt, and maybe even share the love. 🙂

With love and BodyMindSpirit awesomeness,


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