A spring reset in 10 game-changing weeks

February 18, 2022
Is your health and weight clamoring for a spring reset? This 10-week fully supported program is just what you need.

As March comes marching in, many of us are thinking about a spring reset. We’re ready to shed a few pounds, reset our health and FEEL BETTER.

The great news? A spring reset is more than just a physical reset. Resetting your body helps to balance your whole being. Shifts you create in one area of your being deeply affects the others as well.


A Whole-Person Spring Reset


For instance, a main way to support stress resilience is to eat healthier foods and drink plenty of water. Improve your physical health to support your mental health. Conversely, a main way to promote healthy digestion is to reduce stress and build stress resilience. Improve your mental health to support your physical health. We are amazing organisms with interconnected body, mind and spirit.

A spring reset may be just what you deeply desire. But it’s a hard go on your own. You’ll be more successful and learn more to serve you for the long haul with SUPPORT. Education, inspiration and empowerment. Best practices, clinical guidance and accountability. BRING IT ON.


Reclaim Your Health in 10 weeks.


For years, clients have been asking me for a 10-week spring program. You know, full-on support to help you reset your weight, health and well-being. Drum roll…

This spring, from March 12 – May 20, I’m offering the Reclaim Your Health Program. Registration is open and closes Friday, March 4th. Here’s how this 10-week program works:

Body Sass® Cleanse Program  Mar 12 – Apr 1.
28toGreat™ Program  Apr 2 – Apr 29.
New Normal Ninja Training  Apr 30 – May 20.

Let’s unpack that a bit.


Spring Reset Details



The Body Sass® Cleanse Program has been rocking participants’ worlds since 2011. Enjoy 21 days of clean eating while also supporting your detox systems. Hormone balance (especially estrogen and thyroid), digestive health and reducing toxic burden are some of the main shifts encouraged by this program.

Delicious and nutrient-dense food, filling shakes and high-quality whole food supplements are the perfect start for losing weight and reclaiming your health. Email support provided. Learn more about this program HERE.



The 28toGreat™ Program is the perfect follow-on to the Body Sass® Cleanse Program, as the midpoint of your spring reset. Enjoy 28 days of training in 16:8 Intermittent Fasting and the Food Sass® Lifestyle. Eat healthy food 80% of the time and consume your calories during an 8-hour window. Hormone balance (especially insulin) and improved cardiovascular & brain health are some of the main shifts encouraged by this program.

Set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy weight and blood sugar balance. (Note: If you have extra mid-section weight, it’s highly likely you have insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance.) Support via email, weekly Zoom meetings and private Facebook group. Learn more about the program HERE.



The 3-week New Normal Ninja Training compliments and builds on the first two legs of this 10-week program. Each week in the New Normal Ninja Training provides you a live Zoom meeting (roughly 25 minutes of training and 35 minutes of Q&A), email support and an eGuide that outlines and supports that week’s topic:

Week 8:  Master the 80/20 Rule
Week 9:  Become a Food Planning Pro
Week 10: Build Health with Mind Savvy®

Everyone knows that broccoli is better for you than Doritos. So why do we keep choosing the Doritos? (or ice cream or Skittles or chips) The New Normal Ninja Training will help you create a Food Sass® Lifestyle that supports health and a right-sized body, for life. It’s the perfect caboose for this 10-week spring reset.


Invest in YOU with a spring reset.


If you’re tired of feeling overweight and low-energy. If you’re confused by conflicting health and weight loss information. If you just want to feel like YOU again. Then this 10-week program is for you.

More good news? The investment for this 10-week health and weight-loss journey is less than the first two programs, combined! Only $497 for the maiden voyage of the Reclaim Your Health Program. The early bird gets the worm, as they say. When you register for the Reclaim Your Health Program, you’re getting a 13% discount on the first two legs of the journey. PLUS the New Normal Ninja training for FREE!

CONTACT ME to learn more and register.

This spring reset provides 70 days of education, support and TRACTION for your health. Only $7 a day for the opportunity to deeply shift your health, weight and well-being. Amazing. Life-changing. Here’s Renee’s experience in fall 2021 (and this was without the New Normal Ninja Training!):


“I just wanted to say how happy I am with your programs! The Cleanse was so well-defined and the messages each morning were on the spot! By the end of the cleanse I dropped almost 15 pounds. After the 28toGreat™ intermittent fasting I am now down a total of 20 pounds, and 100% understand how to keep it going!! I feel great. Only 7 weeks. And it’s been YEARS since I felt this way.   

Thank you for creating these programs!”


Invest in YOU. This is your time to reclaim your health and well-being. Contact me to register for this special program. Registration closes Friday, March 4th. (My birthday!) Invest in your health and wellbeing. RECLAIM feeling good. If you’re ready to put some much-needed focus on YOU, I’m ON DECK.


To your empowered well-being,


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