A new stylish belt?or a NEW YOU?

December 5, 2017

Hola sweet peeps,

Happy December! I hope you?re in the flow with the season?and using all of the fantabulous tips you learned in my recent 3-part blog series on stress?to sleigh-ride through your holidays with some ease and joy.

Speaking of holidays. If your holiday season includes gift-giving activities, I have a question for you. That very special person that?s on your list?your mom, sister, husband, wife, daughter, son. If you asked them if they?d rather have a stylish new belt, or life-changing TRANSFORMATION, which do you imagine they?d love?

Every day, I have the privilege of engaging with clients on six-month NEW YOU Transformation Journeys. These folks engage in a personal, targeted coaching relationship, that?s all about meeting them where they are, and guiding them where they want to go, BodyMindSpirit?. This program includes it ALL…one-to-one coaching, video training, emails, eGuides, trouble-shooting, tactics, tools, barrier resolution, and of course my time-proven Body Sass Cleanse??all from the comfort of your phone and your computer.

Change is good?and transitions can be hard! This is where a coach comes in. This is why entrepreneurs and business folks hire mentors and coaches, why Olympiads-in-training and every other athlete has a coach, and why YOU and/or your loved ones need a coach to uncover the healthiest, happiest version of YOU/them. I?ve developed this program from years and years of finding out what works and what doesn?t (and we leave out what doesn?t!), and the reviews have been phenomenal. Here?s a sample, and you can read more at your leisure:

?Laurie?s work with creating change is unparalleled. Her impressive program and coaching has changed my life. My weight, my outlook, and my energy have never been better.? ~Liz

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Simply contact me, and we?ll make sure you have a lovely gift certificate ready for wrapping. And don?t be shy to invest in this for yourself for ?a holiday gift, with love, from me to me!? More fun news? Registering yourself or a loved one for my 6-month NEW YOU Transformation Coaching by midnight on December 31st means that you?ll also receive a coupon for the entire fantabulous Body Sass Cleanse? as MY gift to YOU! WHAAATTT?!?! Yup, not kidding. This is very huge, and you?re very welcome 😉

Please note that although this splendiferous, life-changing offer is available until December 31st, I only have 5 coaching slots currently open. I?m very careful about being sure that I have the time to carefully attend to each of my coaching clients, in the context of all the various work I’m joyfully engaged with! Once those slots are filled, I will be wait-listing people.

I hope this love note finds you warm and joyful. And if you find yourself struggling with the holiday eating THANG, click HERE for your holiday eating survival guide.

And p.s., speaking of the Body Sass Cleanse?SAVE THE DATE!…registration for the ever-popular post-holiday January Group Cleanse opens next Tuesday! Program runs 1/6 ? 1/26. Woo-hoo! (This also makes a great gift for someone!)

With love, support, and snazzy gift ideas,


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