A Love Letter

October 20, 2015
My work helping folks Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit? is a passion, and a calling, that brings me joy, every day. I am grateful for all of the people that invite me into their health journey, in whatever form that takes. Thank you.

Good morning,

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week! Today?s post is a bit different than usual. No Food Sass?, no Body Sass?, no Soul Food, no awesome program announcements. Today is a love letter.

This past Sunday afternoon I was driving back from my Create Vibrant Health?: Foundations Retreat, and taking in all of the fall colors and beauty around me. I also found myself reflecting on all of the amazing connections, learning, and breakthroughs that happened on Retreat, and was thinking about Carl Sagan?s Pale Blue Dot (if that is new to you, I highly recommend taking 3 minutes and 30 seconds to view the video by clicking on that title). I was so filled with gratitude that I felt like I might pop! (I didn?t. But it was a close one. 😉

For starters, nature can be so grounding and instructive and I had just been surrounded by it for 3 days. Check out the blog photo, taken from a hike I took during a ?R&R? segment on Friday of the Retreat to get an idea.

With that natural magnificence as a backdrop, I had just spent a 3-day immersion with amazing people. Participants played full-out and were so appreciative of the learning & experience (and FOOD) that they had been part of. I was completely inspired by all of them. Which leads me to my love letter.

The community that has gathered around Create Vibrant Health? is the best in the world. I am so grateful for each and every one of you that?take some of your valuable time to read my blog posts and Facebook posts, hang out with me on Periscope, email me gratitude and cool stuff. And it feeds my soul in a way that would be hard to explain that you find inspiration and empowerment there; embrace your Health Journey through our work together in my practice; take what you learn and use it to inspire others on their Health Journey; attend my lectures, events, programs, and retreats and fully engage and ask great questions and offer support to your fellow health-seekers?the list goes on, but you get the idea.

YOU are all my inspiration. It is I who am often overcome with gratitude. I can?t tell you how often an email will pop into my inbox, outlining things that empowered & inspired one of you and how much better you feel, or that the message came at precisely the right time for you?and that empowers and inspires ME.

Thank you.

Thank you for caring for your health, and for the health of your loved ones. Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to new ideas, and for enjoying the reminders on ideas that maybe aren?t new, but had been forgotten. Thank you for being an important part of an amazing community.

With love & deep gratitude,


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