A Featured Food Sass® Recipe That’s a Grillin’ Crowd-Pleaser

June 7, 2016
Is your grill calling? Pick up the phone with this delicious & nutritious Food Sass? recipe for Grilled Swordfish Kebobs with Delish Herb Pesto. This crowd-pleaser can be made on the spot, or entirely prepped ahead for a no-hassle party favorite.

June is bustin’ out all over! (that’s a line from a Broadway song). I so enjoy how abundant the earth feels in Spring, which is the current New England, USA season. The vegetation is rich and lush, the birds are singing, and the GRILL is calling to me from outside. 🙂

And when my grill calls, I pick up the phone!

Today I offer you a fabulous new recipe to nourish your sassy bod and to engage in a little modern caveperson cooking! “Uh! Food on fire. Good.” This Grilled Swordfish Kebobs with Delish Herb Pesto recipe is nutritious and SUPER delicious. And, you have the option of making the yummy pesto ahead of time AND you could chunk all the veggies and fish ahead of time and skewer them up. This makes for an easy meal to serve on a warm spring night for family dinner OR a no-fuss, crowd-pleasing grill item when you have a gang.

Check it out and grill it up!

And next week, I’m offering Part 2 of our Recipe Double Feature with a side salad for these kebobs that is simply oozing with sass. Yay! Stay tuned.

Thank you for all your great comments and feedback on the Soul Food Vlog last week on meeting folks where they are. I’m thrilled that it resonated for you! If you missed that one, you can check it out HERE.

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With love & grillin’ fun,


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