7 Everyday, FUN Activities to Build a Healthy BRAIN

May 3, 2016
An important area of Body Sass? is BRAIN HEALTH. As rates of Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, dementia, ADD, and other mental challenges increase, you can take mindful steps to support & build your brain.

Good morning!

A ginormous passion of mine is empowering others to own their health experience. Our current culture around health places so much emphasis on others ?fixing? us, when in truth, WE need to steer the boat. It?s OUR body. If we want to experience vibrant health, we have to be ready to put some serious skin in the game. We build our own Body Sass?!

An important area of Body Sass? is BRAIN HEALTH. The human brain is the most complex and mysterious physical thing on the planet. We?ve learned a lot about our brain, for sure; but it?s only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

And, in recent years, I?ve noticed that more and more of my clients and students are concerned about brain health. They are worried about ADD, Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, dementia, and memory loss. They feel like they have no control and that it?s just a ?luck of the draw? if one ends up with brain issues or not. But you most definitely DO have influence on protecting and supporting the grey matter in your skull.

There are many aspects to promoting brain health and today, I?m excited to share with you some FUN, everyday things you can do to support that fanTABulous organ that runs your entire body!

You see, the brain is like a muscle (to be clear: it?s not literally a muscle?this is metaphor-land) that needs to be used and exercised to keep atrophy at bay. Exercising your mind can make your brain stronger and more efficient. New and challenging mental tasks actually work to stimulate neural circuits, so I invite you to check out (and use!) some of the following activities to keep your mind active and strengthen that beautiful brain?for the long-haul!

7 Everyday Activities that Strengthen Your Brain

  1. Take a fun trip. Many of the challenges that come with travel to new places will activate and fortify your brain centers.
  2. Keep learning. Embracing your inner ?lifelong learner? will spice up your life AND keep your brain active & interested.
  3. Expand healthy social connections. Good relationships boost mental health & increase longevity!
  4. Dance! (woot woot!!) I?m not making that up, for those of you that know that I love, love, love dancing. Dancing stimulates many brain centers and neural circuits, relieves stress, encourages socializing, and stimulates the brain?s dopamine reward system.
  5. Get a hobby. According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, when middle-aged and older adults engaged in hobbies, it stabilized their memory abilities and lowered future risk of developing dementia. Plus, hobbies are fun, by definition!
  6. Mix it up. Brains crave variety!?Taking new approaches to everyday activities stimulates neural connections and strengthens the almighty brain.
  7. Play with technology. Use a fun App, like ?Elevate.? It?s true that too much technology isn?t good for us, so balance is key.

Mindfully weave some of these things into your everyday life and your brain will be happy. Start with a babystep, like driving a different route to work!

And, if you?re intrigued by this whole idea of building a healthy brain, and you?re just itchin? for more info, this would be a great month for you to give my BodyMindSpirit? Membership a whirl. This month, our focus is?you guessed it?BRAIN HEALTH. Woo-hoo! Click HERE to learn more and sign up.

Have a splendiferous start to your May!

With love & brain sass,


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