5 Tips for Afternoon Energy

January 12, 2016
Find yourself with an energy crash in the afternoon? These simple 5 tips will help you create even energy throughout your day, including starting your day with NUTRIENTS!

Good morning,

Welcome to another day as the creator of your life. Woo-hoo! And, I?ve got some Body Sass? tips for you today, that have the potential to help you live a more rich, vibrant life, by addressing what my clients call ?that mid-afternoon slump.? You know that time, right? Around 2pm when a nap?or some candy?or some coffee?all seem like the best idea you?ve had all day?

Well, the nap isn?t possible for most of us (if it?s possible for you, rock on with that!). And those other choices are just going to make the situation worse. What will serve you the best is to back the truck up to the foundational issue, which is your dysglycemia, which is a fancy way of saying ?imbalanced blood sugar levels.?

You see, many of us start our day with coffee or soda (caffeine) and either skip breakfast or have empty carbs for breakfast (muffin, bagel, cereal, toast, etc). ALL of these things lend to blood sugar extremes, which set you up for ?the blood sugar roller-coaster.?

The blood sugar roller-coaster is where we let ourselves get really hungry, and then our body is craving something it can turn quickly into useable blood sugar: empty carbs or caffeine. So, we grab a muffin. This spikes our blood sugar very high, which isn?t good either, so our body (our pancreas, to be exact) sends out loads of insulin to get all that blood sugar shuttled away into cells where it belongs.

This creates extremes, over the course of our day, that leaves us exhausted and unfocused by mid-afternoon. Which is a total drag. What would be awesome is to instead set your day up for nice, even, splendiferous blood sugar levels throughout the day.

?Well, how the heck do I do THAT?!?

I was hoping you?d ask that. 😉

Here are my Top 5 Tips to balance your blood sugar, which increases your energy, improves mental clarity & focus, AND significantly improves your ability to lose fat, which seems to be a pretty common desire.

  1. Eat breakfast within an hour of getting up.
  2. Include some clean protein and healthy fats in that breakfast.
  3. If you are going to drink coffee, drink it AFTER breakfast.
  4. Eat every 3-5 hours during the day, even if it?s just a handful of nuts as a snack.
  5. Each time you eat, include some clean protein and/or healthy fats.

This is the real deal, folks. Making these shifts in your eating habits can change a LOT about your health experience. I encourage and invite you to Create Vibrant Health using baby steps and small shifts, allowing yourself to cement new habits over time. Yay!

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Have a wonderful day.

With love & energy-boosts,


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