21-Day Detox Program OPEN for Registration

August 26, 2020
Two fall health group (virtual) programs are open for registration. Lose body fat, gain energy and re-set your body to VIBRANT!

Every September for many years, I have run a 21-day group (virtual) detox program called The Body Sass® Cleanse. Summer eating and drinking often finds us feeling a little heavier, a little more sluggish and ready for a serious health and weight re-set in the fall! If this is you, this is your program.


Fall 2020 Body Sass® Cleanse Group Program


Not only does a period of detox and eating healthy support you in losing body fat, improving sleep, increasing energy and balancing your hormones; it also greatly increases your immune status. This is the best thing you can do for yourself during the COVID pandemic, especially as we enter the fall and winter months. 

Program dates are Sep 12 – Oct 2.

Registration opens today, 8/26, and closes on Sep 8.

AND, the same virtual, do-it-from-home group program that has been WOW-ing folks for over a decade has some important updates for this fall 2020 group program:

  • I’ve lowered the investment for this COVID-19 fall running of the program. It is unlikely that I’ll continue this pricing post-pandemic. Normally the fee is $397 for rookies (first time in the Body Sass® Cleanse program) and $297 for program veterans. This fall: $297 for rookies and $247 for veterans! This is huge, and I hope you and everyone you love will take advantage of it.
  • Veterans of the program who register will receive a NEW eRecipeBook with 60 new and delicious cleanse recipes! (Don’t worry if you’re a rookie. Your eRecipeBook will be new to YOU, and has rocked participants’ worlds for 10+ years.)
  • Program daily emails have been updated (recipes in those emails remain largely the same) with new education and empowerment.
  • And (drum roll)…for every NEW program participant that signs up with your referral (other than yourself), you get either $10 off your program or a FREE signed copy of my new book Wild World, Joyful Heart: Unlock Your Power to Create Health and Joy. (Your choice.) Don’t delay registering while you recruit your loved ones to improve their health!…I will reimburse you for any referrals that come through after you register.
  • Last but not least, if you register for both this program and the 28toGreat Intermittent Fasting program by September 8, you will receive a FREE 30-minute private health consult, via phone or Zoom. Click HERE to learn about the powerful 28-day intermittent fasting group program, which starts the day following the close of the Body Sass® Cleanse, and get yo’self registered. There are bonuses for registering and referring to this program as well, which you can learn about HERE.

As always, the Body Sass® Cleanse offers a recalibration for our body, our mind, and our relationship with food. This wildly popular 21-day group program is a go-to for thousands of folks who have reaped the benefits of making this program part of their health tools.

What are typical program results? You will:

  • never be hungry and will eat satisfying, delicious food and drink nutrient-dense shakes.
  • learn how to plan for success with food, for the long haul.
  • strengthen your immunity.
  • make shifts in your ongoing relationship to food.
  • very likely lose weight and gain energy and improve sleep quality.
  • reduce the toxic burden in your body.
  • induce a gentle re-balancing of hormones.
  • experience a re-set and recalibration in your body’s digestion, metabolism and all-over function. For instance, people have dropped over 100 points on their cholesterol, halved their triglycerides, and/or improved their blood sugar balance as a result of this program.

This is an amazing opportunity to do this powerful, beautifully supported program at a minimal fee, thanks to COVID-19. There’s always a silver lining to the cloud. Hope to see you inside one or both of these amazing health-building, weight-reducing, life-enhancing programs. And your friends and family too—please freely share the link to this post!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit®

With love and Body Sass®,



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