Don’tcha just love summer food fare?! Farmer’s Markets, grillin’, picnics, and tall glasses of ice tea on tap (okay, that’s not food, but just roll with me here). There are few things better than super-fresh summer veggies and fruits – mmmm-MMMM. Another of my faves (because apparently, it’s all about me today), is strawberry shortcake.

“Hey there young lady, what about Food Sass??!”

(Did you get called “young lady” or “young man” when you were in deep doo-doo as a kid? I did. And I heard that come spilling out of my mouth a few weeks ago with one of my teenage sons. Truly an eye-roll-worthy moment. You know – when you find yourself saying stuff to your kids that was said to you, like 40 years ago? The very same stuff that you swore you would never say to your own kids someday because it’s just so lame? Yah, that. Anyhoo, back to strawberry shortcake.)

Good question. A few years back, I so wanted strawberry shortcake, but I also so wanted to feel better about eating it, from a Body Sass? perspective. All that building-strong-cells-for-vibrant-health stuff. And SO, I created a super-fun recipe that makes not only a kick-ass dessert, but also makes a seriously decadent Sunday morning breakfast. And it’s aaaallll yours for the taking.

Click HERE to grab this month’s featured recipe: Strawberry Pan-Short-Cake
Enjoy. And let me know if you like it better for dessert or breakfast!

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With love & sweet strawberries,

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