First, just in case you missed it, last week I announced the fantabulous news that Kim Barthel is coming back from British Columbia for a two-day event on Heart-Centered Healing & Living. It takes place on April 28, 29 in Medfield, MA and we?ll be exploring the related topics of mindfulness, compassion, and compassionate communication. If you?re a spouse, partner, parent, teacher, manager, worker, collaborator, healing facilitator, nurse, executive, or any human that would like to have a happier, more productive life experience, then this is right up your alley! You can find out more, and learn how to register HERE.

In other news, I have some kick-ass Food Sass? (a poem!) to share with you, that can be described best as a big, warm, passionate winter hug that you spoon out of a bowl. This recipe that I came across, and shared last week with the Body Sass? Cleanse Group participants on our private Facebook page, as it was ?Cleanse-friendly.?

Then I decided to make it myself this weekend?and of course, I ended up changing a bunch of things to improve taste and nutrition (I just can?t help myself!), and I morphed from a two-dish meal to a super-hearty one-pot, easy store dish. The end result is AH-mazing. It?s one of my new favorite soups, although this is more in the realm of a gumbo or stew. This bad boy is HEARTY. And it?s SO yummy, that it had to be indoctrinated into the Food Sass? Featured Recipe hall of fame 🙂

I invite you to check out The January 2018 Food Sass? Featured Recipe:

Indian Kick-Inflammation?s-Ass Stew


This stew is loaded with flavor and satisfaction. It?s also infused with loads of antioxidant, immune-enhancing, and anti-inflammatory compounds that help to slow aging, create vibrant health, and stave off scads of inflammatory-based diseases, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes T2, and the long list of their health-compromising bretheren. Once you give it a whirl, pop down below the blog and share your thoughts with the community!

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?

With love & Food Sass? Fun,

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