I hope you?re having a fantabulous spring. I got out and played in my gardens this past weekend, and I swear that the smell of dirt is one of the best smells on the planet. Yummy!

Speaking of yummy, I have another yummy story that might be more up your alley than breathing in dirt scent 🙂 I was on the phone with one of my coaching clients last week, and she was lamenting that living a Food Sass? lifestyle can feel hard sometimes. Agreed! Let?s take a closer look?

I?ve found that, most often, when someone is feeling this ?time/energy vs. eating well? conundrum (I love that word!), it?s usually because they?re trying too hard to have perfect food, and/or they?re forgetting that there are some amazingly simple Food Sass? meals to be had that don?t include recipes. So first, please remember that perfection is not the goal; talk about taking the fun out of food! Next, please know that that there are many, many super-easy ways to eat health-building, tasty food. For instance?

This past weekend I had a teeny amount of time between a son?s basketball game, and meeting up with a friend, on Friday night. I saut?ed some spinach in avocado oil, put some diced avocado on the warm spinach, drizzled extra-virgin olive oil on top and then sprinkled the whole thing with Celtic sea salt and black pepper. It took me about 4 minutes to make it (yes, I actually timed myself). I also had a Sweet Potato Pie Shake in the fridge that I took to the table with me, but I didn?t end up drinking any of it, as I was pretty full after that meal.

?Laurie Warren, how can that be?!? It was just vegetables!?

Here?s the thing. There are three things that help us feel satiated (full; satisfied) after a meal: fats, fiber, and protein. Well, there?s actually a fourth, called ?overeating,? but I don?t recommend that one 😉
In that meal, I had plenty of healthy fats: avocado oil, olive oil, and there are fats in avocado. And, all veggies are blessed with lots of fiber, and avocado is one of the highest-fiber foods you can eat. This is one reason why it?s important to include fats and/or protein each time you eat. Satiety, baby!

Now, I was only cooking for myself that night, and if I?d been cooking for my family, I likely would?ve also likely thrown some chicken on the grill, so the whole thing would?ve taken more like 15 minutes for a family. Still a pretty small time investment!

Food Sass? recipes are fun, and there are plenty to be found here on my blog, or on my Food Sass? for FREE page. AND I invite you to get creative with Food Sass? ?easy meals? like the one mentioned above. Less work and plenty o? sass!

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With love & conundrum solutions,

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