I?ve already had so many inquiries about the next Body Sass? Cleanse Group Program, and is it running in January, and can I just commit now because I already know I need it, etc. So, YES to all of that, and save that date for Jan 7 ? 27, 2017 and get ready to recalibrate, lose weight, and feel AH-mazing. I?ll be cleansing right along with you this January and will be posting new Cleanse recipes, pictures of meals, and all kinds of fun on our private FB page this go-round. I hope you?ll join us!

In other news, a few weeks ago, I was in the South Station transit station in Boston and noticed a Nike ad poster that said ?Pick me last again.? Hm. I took a picture of it and asked a basketball expert (my 14 year-old son) what that was all about. Turns out that this 5?9? kid from Washington, named Isaiah Thomas, got picked 60th (dead last) in the NBA draft in 2011. A short few years later, Thomas has elevated himself to All-Star status and is the face of the Boston Celtics, one of the most storied franchises in NBA history
How do ya like me NOW?!?

This past weekend, I was in South Station again and the ENTIRE CONCOURSE is wallpapered with the ?Pick me last again? ad campaign. It?s pretty amazing, actually. Check out the pic that accompanies this blog post for a visual.

Being 5?9? and setting your sights on the game of basketball is pretty brave. Some might say ?stupid,? or more politely ?ill-advised.? This is a sport dominated by very tall people, and being short is, pretty universally, considered a grave disadvantage. A deal-breaker, even.

Or is it?

Two of my fave quotes by announcers that I came across when researching this guy are:
?Thomas is irrepressible. Truly one of the joys of the NBA.?
?If you?re good enough, you?re big enough.?

Indeed, Isaiah Thomas is a joy to watch. And, apparently, 5?9? is NOT a deal-breaker. Au contraire.

?Laurie Warren, why are you writing about basketball?!? Is this a sports column now??
I am definitely not the gal to be a sports writer! And my sons would whole-heartedly back that statement. I?m actually writing about the word ?irrepressible.?

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US has ?irrepressible? in us. We were born with it. The human spirit IS irrepressible.
But as we ?grow up? (aka: learn to doubt ourselves), we lose sight of that. We get all stoked about something and then someone, or some party line, says ?you can?t do that.? It?s never been done. You?re too short. You?re too tall. You?re too ugly. You?re not smart enough. Women don?t do that. Men don?t do that. A black/green/purple/red/brown person has never done that. You didn?t go to Harvard. You?re too old. Gravity won?t allow that. You didn?t go to college. The world is flat and you?ll fall off the edge. You never finished high school. The challenge is too big and you?ll never make a difference. You?re too young.
Blah blah, blah-d-blah. Boring.

I believe that every single solitary one of us has an awe-inspiring, sassy, irrepressible spirit in us that is just waiting to be given the reigns. I invite you to get re-acquainted with that foundational aspect of YOU and explore it. Get to know it. I wonder where it will take you?

Create Vibrant Health: BodyMindSpirit?!

With love & sports expertise (ha!),

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